Australians Celebrate Round 16 Qualification As If They Just Won The World Cup

"It's coming down under."

Australians Celebrate Round 16 Qualification As If They Just Won The World Cup

Left:, right: @HLTCO

Australia is known as the lucky country, but our win against Denmark has us pushing our luck even further (perhaps into delusional territory), with the hashtag ‘it’s coming down under’ cropping up on Twitter.

Call it optimistic, call it delusional – maybe it’s just hilarious – but the hashtag ‘it’s coming down under’ has once again reared its head on Twitter.

This comes after Australia booked its place in the final sixteen in the World Cup for the second time in our nation’s history (sparking wild scenes in living rooms all over, and in Melbourne’s Fed Square).

WATCH: Why “It’s Coming Down Under,” According To TikTok User @nickstav_

Some Australians have even got so far ahead of themselves as to co-opt England’s “it’s coming home” refrain.

All the ‘it’s coming down under’ Twitter hashtags from tonight so far are from one over-excited Twitter user, Tony Tannous, but we expect more to follow. Over on TikTok user @nickstav_ has also made the cheeky claim that “it’s coming down under” prior to tonight’s game.

Image via TikTok

Last time the hashtag got thrown around, not everyone liked it (it was accused of being unoriginal, can you believe that). But it’s got quite a nice ring to it, I reckon.

The Brits will probably be laughing at us, but hey: we’ve still done better than Wales. Let’s just hope for a date with Lionel Messi’s Argentina in the next round (or come to think of it, if we want “it” to come down under, perhaps we had better hope for a clash with Poland or Saudi Arabia instead).

Watch out England, here we come…

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