Bromance Blossoms Between Olivier Giroud & Socceroo Jackson Irvine

Love is in the air.

Bromance Blossoms Between Olivier Giroud & Socceroo Jackson Irvine

Forget Morocco, Mbappe and Messi: Giroud and Jackson Irvine swapping grooming routines is what the World Cup is all about. According to a cheeky Twitter post by Socceroo Jackson Irvine, he and the French number 9 exchanged hair care routines “in perfect English” after Les Bleus defeated The Socceroos in their Group game match-up. And now fans are going wild as their ‘bromance’ blossoms, with some even calling for Irvine to join Giroud in Milan.

You might think World Cups are about incredible moments of sportsmanship, magnificent goals, or cross-cultural connection between fans.

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You’d be wrong though. World Cup 2022 is all about French pretty boy (or should we say handsome man) Olivier Giroud proving the haters wrong (he’s certainly not past it, as I claimed a few weeks ago). And I’m not talking about his banging in goals like a man possessed. I’m talking about him having the generosity of spirit to have allegedly exchanged his hair care routine with one lucky Socceroo.

That Socceroo? Jackson Irvine. Irvine is another man known for his luscious locks (his are quite long though). Giroud on the other hand is known for his high fade – shaved on the sides and a little bit bleached on the top. Je ne sais pas, etc.

After another Socceroo, Jason Cummings, recently revealed that after the Socceroos’ game against France he got rejected by Giroud when trying to swap shirts, a Twitter exchange between the three of them has somehow worked itself around to Giroud and Irvine admitting to a little bit of bromance.

Let’s start from the beginning though. Cummings was turned down by Giroud when he asked him for his shirt, with the Central Coast Mariners player joking that Giroud pretended he couldn’t speak English to avoid him. 

“After the France game, I actually tried to get Mbappe – forget about Giroud, I went for the top boy Mbappe – and he told me to meet him in the change rooms,” Cummings told The Project rather excitably.

“So I went to the changing room and the kit man was there and I gave him my top and 10 minutes later he came out with my jersey and says ‘Nah, absolutely not, he [Mbappe] doesn’t want to swap.’”

“So when I was walking back to my changing room and I’ve seen Giroud, as handsome as ever, and I asked him, ‘Giroud, please man, can I get your shirt mate? I’m a big fan, can I get your shirt?'”

“And he just walked past me, pretended he never spoke English and he’s been in the Premier League for 10 years!”

“He just walked right past me.”

Giroud took to Twitter to clarify the situation after the joke when viral, explaining that he can speak English, and that he had already promised his jersey to another Socceroo – Jackson Irvine.

Giroud said: “How’s my English?” tagging Irvine and posting a photo to confirm the two had exchanged shirts.

Irvine wrote: “What a man. I can confirm we exchanged our hair care routines in perfect English.”

Fans have called this exchange “peak football” and “the duo we never knew we needed.” Some even called for Irvine to join Giroud in Milan.

Another said: “What a partnership. The two top shaggers becoming best pals. You love to see it!”

A story for the ages. Peak World Cup vibes right there.

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