Paulo Dybala Exposes ‘Sad’ Reality Of Argentina’s World Cup Kick Ons

"Checking their Instagrams."

Paulo Dybala Exposes ‘Sad’ Reality Of Argentina’s World Cup Kick Ons

Image Credit: @paulodybala

After winning the World Cup, Argentina players sat down for a romantic dinner with the World Cup trophy. During the dinner, Paulo Dybala took a video, accidentally exposing the players opposite him for being on their phones.

Argentina have done it. But while everyone gets red in the face about Messi wearing a cloak, Mbappe doing Mbappe things and Emi Martinez getting frisky with his golden glove, some concerned citizens fear Argentina’s post-match celebrations have not been rowdy enough.

Enter: a video posted in the wake of the win by Paulo Dybala. Dybala posted a cheeky video of a “romantic dinner” with the World Cup trophy, which showed the team sitting in a circle with the trophy in the middle, and Dybala tucking into a plate of chicken parmi and chips.

WATCH: Paulo Dybala accidentally exposes teammates checking their phones during ‘romantic’ World Cup dinner

Eagle-eyed Instagram users couldn’t let this video remain a purely happy moment, however, and spotted a group of players opposite him (including Lautaro Martinez) looking down at their phones. Oh, the shame.

Instagram user @amir1abd commented, to the tune of 124 likes, “Everyone checking their instagrams.” Instagram user @jan.byrs, for their part, wrote: “Everybody on their phones.” This comment got 35 likes.

Another social media cynic wrote: “They’re all on their phones liking pictures they are in with the trophy when it’s five feet from them lol.”

Never mind the fact we wouldn’t have this on-the-ground footage if it wasn’t for the players checking their phones…

In a ray of light for those that value partying over technology, for the rampant troglodytes, one Instagram user claimed: “They have a lot more people to celebrate who are not in Qatar, they were partying for hours.”

If the scenes in Buenos Aires (before the game had even started) were anything to go by, we can only imagine things will get rowdier from here.

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