World Cup Fan Pretends To Be Neymar… & Actually Pulls It Off

Only thing he's missing is a busted ankle.

World Cup Fan Pretends To Be Neymar… & Actually Pulls It Off

Image Credit: @sosiadoney

A World Cup fan has pretended to be Neymar, convincing supporters he really is the wily winger. He even claims to have got some recognition from the injured Brazilian star as well. Life-affirming stuff.

You might have thought the biggest news about this year’s World Cup was the vagina stadium, the lack of beer, Australia beating Denmark or Germany yet again not qualifying for the round of 16. But no: there’s an even more important story. A trollish fan has been going around pretending to be Neymar, and boy does he pull it off.

WATCH: troll fools fans into thinking he’s Neymar

Football fans have clamoured to see Brazilian star ‘Neymar’ in various World Cup settings over the last week or so, from stadiums to shopping centres, after social media personality @sosiadoney fooled them into thinking he was the Brazilian number 10.

The troll appears to have studied everything from how Neymar walks, to how he signs autographs. Classic.

Helping make his dopplegangery more believable is the fact that Neymar has been out injured with a banged up ankle. During Brazil’s 1-0 win over Switzerland, for instance, ‘fake Neymar’ was spotted taking selfies with supporters and then walking around the pitch by a security guard.

Real Neymar, meanwhile, was resting in his hotel room letting the ligament damage on his ankle heal, with a special boot on to help with the swelling.

Even FoxSoccer got plundered by the joke.

On November 3rd, the troll wrote: “Finally what a moment, what a little structure… I would never have imagined that this serious moment is present in my life, such a blessing from God that allowed me to get where I am through this work and very grateful very very grateful and a fan of this guy who is a to be really f***ed up@@@@ , who received this representation I’ve been doing with open arms, and to say that I’m much more much more a fan of this giant guy who changed my life in a huge way, allowing me millions of possibilities and opportunities, making me meet places and people you would never imagine to meet.”

“@neymarjr I am very grateful to you brother, may God honor you more and more and may you achieve all your goals… I love you mlkin Now I can tell my children and grandchildren, I’ve already beaten Homiiiiii.”

God’s work, people, god’s work.

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