‘F*** It, I’m Lionel Messi’ Thread Shows The World Cup Is The Least Of His Achievements

Seriously scintillating.

‘F*** It, I’m Lionel Messi’ Thread Shows The World Cup Is The Least Of His Achievements

A Twitter thread showcasing Lionel Messi’s most incredible moments on a football pitch, where he has left both his own team and the opposition for dead, is going viral.

Messi, the magic number 10, recently reportedly had fans “screaming, crying and throwing up” as he retook his number 10 jersey against Marseille, with Neymar taking the number 11 shirt, in a move that had many reminiscing of the bygone MSN (Messi, Suarez, Neymar) era. It’s not just on the field that Messi has been making waves of late though. On social media, there has been an outpouring of love for the diminutive giant.

One particular Tweet is rumbling away, showcasing the best moments where Messi utterly destroyed the other team, with little or no help from his own team. Kicked off by fan page @BarcaEleven_, the thread is full of some scintillating skills.

From the time he “ended Boateng’s career in 3 seconds” to the time he “got sick of his team mates and blasted it top bins” there were a lot of moments to choose from.

Other moments singled out by fans were his outrageous first-time lob against Real Betis (where the opposition fans chanted his name afterwards), the time Suarex f*cked up the assist but Messi regained the ball on the halfway line and scored anyway and the time he got a bloodied nose against Real Madrid (and slide tackled a bunch of times) then scored the winning goal in injury time.

Of course there was also his goal against Mexico in the World Cup, the iconic solo goal against Getafe that started it all, and his goal in the Champions League final against Manchester United.

Whatever your favourite kind of goal, Messi has probably scored it at some point, so the thread is well worth a watch. Kick back and enjoy.