‘Devil Baby’ Handed 12-Week Sentence For Stalking Premier League Footballers

“‘I will hunt you down.”

‘Devil Baby’ Handed 12-Week Sentence For Stalking Premier League Footballers


An OnlyFans and Instagram model by the name of ‘Devil Baby’ has been handed a suspended jail sentence for harassing and stalking three Premier League footballers.

We live in a digital world. The lives of professional footballers, once secretive and away from the public eye, are now available online at all times. Fans that want to get close to their favourite stars are able to with a simple search on social media sites such as Instagram and Snapchat, with players also using the apps to communicate and engage with their followers like never before.

It’s how Mason Mount, a midfielder for Chelsea Football Club, invited Orla Sloan, a 21-year-old OnlyFans model, to a party held at the home of teammate, Ben Chilwell, back in 2021; a party that would spark a chain of events that would ultimately lead to Sloan receiving a 12-week suspended jail sentence and a restraining order that will last the next five years.

“She believed there was something in the circumstances, when everyone else knew there was nothing.”

Michael Cogan, Orla Sloan’s lawyer
Orla Sloan has been handed a 12-week prison sentence for harassing and stalking three Premier League footballers.

After sharing an intimate night following their encounter at Chilwell’s party, Mount and Sloan exchanged messages for the next six months, in a casual relationship that Mount would ultimately end. Sloan purchased 21 different phone numbers over five months to harass and stalk the Premier League footballer, claiming that she wasn’t buying any food so that she could afford to buy more phone numbers. Mount blocked Sloan’s advances every time.

After Mount attempted to distance himself from Sloan, things took a more unsettling turn. Sloan’s messages became more “random and erratic,” targeting Ben Chilwell and Mount’s former teammate, Billy Gilmour, spreading baseless lies about the young Chelsea players via Instagram. Sloan falsely claimed to have fallen pregnant by Gilmour on an Instagram post, having never slept with the Brighton footballer: “I almost got pregnant from Billy and look what Billy has done to me with multiple girls behind my bag. I had to have an abortion as he didn’t want the baby,” she claimed, ominously adding:

“Beware of the devil baby Mason, I can morph at any second.”

Orla Sloan

Sloan set up multiple accounts to contact him, as well as “several business accounts so she could get through”. The players blocked all of Sloan’s burner accounts, changed their handles and went private on Instagram in an attempt to stop the harassment.

Orla Sloan used the handle ‘devil baby’ on Instagram.

Concerns were increasing for the players’ safety as Sloan knew where the footballers lived and trained during the week, and the young stars feared that as they continued to reject and ignore Sloan’s threatening messages, her public harassment would lead to violence.

Sloan’s lawyer, Michael Cogan said: “Ms Sloan is sucked into a world of instant gratification, achieved only by being with other more successful people, and is obsessed with the way she looks and how other people view her. She has been extremely immature and naive. And as a result of that, vulnerable.”

Orla Sloan admitted to stalking Mason Mount and Billy Gilmour and causing harassment to Ben Chilwell. Sloan was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison, suspended for 18 months, as well as 30 days of rehabilitation and 200 hours of unpaid community service. Sloan has also been handed a restraining order, active for the next five years.