Sydney FC’s Rhyan Grant Talks Trophies, Matildas And A-League Ahead Of The New Football Season

Get ready for another season of A-Leagues football.

Sydney FC’s Rhyan Grant Talks Trophies, Matildas And A-League Ahead Of The New Football Season

Image: @SydneyFC

Rhyan Grant revealed that the achievements of the Matildas had inspired the Men’s side to aim for more trophies; and now, with their first trophy secured, Sydney FC are hungry for more ahead of the new domestic A-League season.

Almost 16,000 people made their way into Sydney’s new Allianz Stadium for the Australian Cup Final between Sydney FC and Brisbane Roar in October.

Goals from Gomes and Mak secured a 3-1 victory for the home side and the first trophy for Sydney in almost four years; a staggering run considering the storied history of one of Australia’s most successful football clubs.

It’s something that, for key player Rhyan Grant, was a long time coming, and sets the benchmark for this renewed Sydney team as it gets ready to launch a new domestic football season.

“Any silverware is always nice, so you had to go on a bit of a cup run and win that was nice,” Rhyan Grant told me at the A-League 2023/24 Season Launch. “I’d been around the club when we won one previously but I was injured, so to play a part of this one was very nice for me, and it sets us up for a good season hopefully; sets a good sort of precedent now to chase more silverware.”

Before the new season started, representatives from each of the Men’s and Women’s teams in this season’s A-Leagues attended a season launch party in Sydney.

Following a successful period from the Matildas, who galvanised a nation by reaching a semi-final during this year’s home FIFA Women’s World Cup, and the Socceroos, who allowed Australian football fans to believe as they went toe-to-toe against some of the best players in the world in Qatar; it felt as though football had finally arrived in Australia.

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“I haven’t seen anything like that in football in Australia so it was very nice,” Grant confessed. “I know a lot of the girls but I was a massive fan, I went to three or four of the games and was jumping around with everyone else.”

“I was definitely part of that groundswell and now it’s continuing and hopefully, it builds into this upcoming season of the A-Leagues and you see some of the players that they’ve got in both Men’s and Women’s leagues.”

As the attention shifts to the new domestic A-Leagues season, Grant is well aware that the weight of expectation has grown compared to last year.

With a renewed interest, comes increased expectation in the wake of a recent victory over their Queensland rivals and the first cup win of the season. But the players are itching to go in search of more silverware.

“I think if you spoke to anyone from any club their main goal is to win it, so we’re no different,” Grant said. “We’ve been very successful in the past but we’ve had a couple of lean years so we want to bounce back and get back up to where we think we belong and hopefully this year we can do that!”

Sydney FC host Melbourne at the Allianz Stadium in Sydney this Saturday 21 October at 7:45 PM AEDT.