Cristiano Ronaldo’s Morning Routine Will Blow Your Mind… And Your Wallet

"Talent without work is nothing..."

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Morning Routine Will Blow Your Mind… And Your Wallet

Image: @cristiano

Legendary footballer and WHOOP investor Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed the mind-blowing discipline that he maintains during his morning routine, demonstrating why he is considered one of the greatest athletes of all time.

A man who needs no introduction, Cristiano Ronaldo is the epitome of peak physical fitness. From his incredible workout regime in the gym to his insane discipline and dedication to nutrition, the Portuguese forward has built a glowing reputation for an unparalleled work ethic to maintain and nurture his natural abilities.

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It’s no wonder Ronaldo is set to line up for yet another international tournament this European summer at the ripe old age of 39… and if this mind-blowing morning routine is anything to go by, it’s clear he’s got no intention of slowing down.

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Image: @cristiano

Sitting down with WHOOP founder and CEO Will Ahmed, the legendary footballer spoke at length about his incredible routine to maintain his peak physical shape, revealing that it all starts the second he wakes up and doesn’t stop until he goes to sleep.

“Talent without work is nothing and work without talent is nothing.”

Cristiano Ronaldo

“Life is a box of surprises and it’s hard, you know?” Ronaldo said to Will Ahmed. “It’s not easy at this level to still push and to motivate; to carry on, to score goals and be in good shape. To compete with young lions, they’re coming and when they play against me they want to show that they are stronger than me and faster than me.”

At 39, Ronaldo shows no sign of slowing down.

Ronaldo shows off a workout and his 10% body fat.

Ronaldo’s motivation to maintain his status as the world’s best footballer is one of his most impressive qualities. It’s hard to think that the 39-year-old has days like us where he doesn’t feel like going to the gym or eating the right foods, but as he admits, we’re all human – his dedication is what sets him apart from the rest of us mere mortals.

WATCH Cristiano Ronaldo reveals his mind-blowing morning routine below.

Ronaldo’s morning starts like anyone else’s, with a sip of water, spending time with the family and a nice cup of coffee (what coffee tho?). But it’s just a handful of extreme behaviours in between that quickly pivot from everyone’s typical morning to Bryan Johnson’s live forever territory. Ronaldo says he starts by exposing himself to freezing cold water first thing in the morning which, studies show, aids muscle recovery and his immune system function.

“For me, right now, it’s a normal day in the office,” Ronaldo continues. “It’s part of my life… I take a cold plunge every day because it’s part of my journey and it’s not a sacrifice for me. I enjoy to do that.”

“We are animals of routines and my routine – 90% of my days are similar. In the morning, I have my cold plunge, I have my machines, my showers and everything. I wake up, I go there [to the cold plunge] and I dive in first thing.”

“I [then] prepare my water to drink, because as you know during the night our hydration is very low so I take my water, my shower, my cold plunge. I come down [to] be nice with my family, with my kids I give [them] a hug. Then coming outside to get lights in my eyes for two or three minutes to give the information to my brain that it’s [time to wake up].”

See… just like anyone else’s morning.