Greg Norman’s Old Golf Club Could Be The Secret To Improving Your Game

"Nobody on the PGA would have one of these today."

Greg Norman’s Old Golf Club Could Be The Secret To Improving Your Game

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Greg Norman is rippling proof your golden years don’t have to come with a sloppy rig, or a substandard putting and driving game. To the contrary: Norman’s transition from golf superstar to casually ripped 65-year-old proves that – even though you might not have the muscle mass of your twenties, you don’t have to let yourself go as you age.

The Great White Shark’s experimental fitness attitude (the Sydney Morning Herald once likened him to Gwyneth Paltrow), however, can today take a back seat to his playing technique – and how he reached such incredible levels of performance.

Why? Norman recently provided a sneak peek into his golf bag, along the way revealing an old club from his PGA days which could be the secret to his success. In the video, posted on Sunday by leading club and golf equipment manufacturer Cobra Golf, Norman tells us, “There are a lot of clubs in here… [but] probably the most unique thing would be this golf club here.”

“[It’s a] driver made out of laminated… no insert, very heavy.”

“It’s actually short in comparison to my Speed Zone driver that I use all the time,” Norman adds, telling us “the head is minuscule and the length is 3.5 inches shorter than the regular driver.”


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It doesn’t always stack up short though: the thing is 6-8 times heavier than a regular driver, Norman says.

Norman then shares why he still slings such a heavy club around: “Why do I have it in there? This is what I practiced with all the time when I was on the tour.”

“I hit hundreds and hundreds of balls with this golf club to allow me to get my extension and my timing. That really built up my upper body muscles, my lats; my core. This old club really taught you how to slow down with your timing and get impact. Obviously, it doesn’t go very far, but I used it all the time.”

Norman also took the chance to show off his stretching pole, which he’s also travelled the world with for a very long time, and which may be another little insight aspiring golfers can learn from too: “I start my exercises [with this pole] every day – stretching my back, stretching my shoulders, my lats.”

The perfect (pain-free) swing awaits.

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