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New & Popular Golf Shoe Brands To Buy In 2024

Always get to the green in style with the best golf shoes.

New & Popular Golf Shoe Brands To Buy In 2024

Image: DMARGE/Romer Macapuno

The role of golf shoes is crucial in determining your game’s outcome. Traction is key; with firm footing, you have a better chance of hitting a winning shot and maintaining bragging rights among mates.

When it comes to traction, you’re given a couple of options with golf shoes: spiked or spikeless:

Spiked Golf Shoes – Wearing shoes with metal or plastic spikes provides excellent traction on grass. While some courses prohibit metal spikes, plastic “soft spikes” are still allowed, offering superior grip, especially in wet conditions.

Spikeless Golf Shoes – On the flip side, spikeless golf shoes ditch spikes for small rubber nubs to grip the green. They’re versatile enough to wear off the course, allowing for easy transitions from the office to golfing.

Ultimately, the best golf shoe for you will depend on the weather conditions you play in most. Wet weather? Go spiked. Dry most of the time? You’ll be fine with spikeless. Most companies do, in fact, produce spiked and spikeless versions of the same shoe model, so if you wanted, you could have a pair of each to cover all bases.

Here’s some other pointers to keep in mind: 

  • Comfort – look for cushioning and support to keep your feet comfortable throughout the game, especially for long rounds
  • Waterproofing – shoes with water resistant materials to keep your feet dry in the wet conditions
  • Stability – you want shoes that will assist with stability to prevent twisting or rolling of the feet during swings
  • Breathability – shoes made of breathable materials to regulate temperature and prevent moisture buildup

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