Robert Whittaker’s Insane Workout Will Leave You A Quivering Mess

Robert Whittaker’s Insane Workout Will Leave You A Quivering Mess

We’d all like a prizefighter’s body – but it’s their mentality that will net you glistening abs. Case in point: Mr Robert Whittaker, a true fighter, who represents Australia (and New Zealand) on the world stage, and UFC Middleweight Champion soon to defend his title against interim belt holder Israel Adesanya.

While we have previously interviewed Whittaker on how to get a fighter’s physique, that’s not what today is about; it’s about admiring the way Whittaker thrashes the gym like it was a punch drunk welterweight. And maybe giving it a brief try (with a bucket and mop on hand).

From the beginning of the year when he was still recovering from a hernia (and yet still hitting the weights with more motivation than most of us on a good day) to recent months’ more in form posts, Whittaker’s workouts will leave you sore and in awe.

From cardio, to strength and conditioning, the UFC star has all bases covered.

The most impressive, however, in our eyes, is a workout compilation he posted to Instagram on the 19th of July, which features everything from a light aerobic warm-up to six-plate strong squats, sumo walks (with a giant medicine ball), bench pressing and one-arm dumbbell rows. Not to be outdone, he also pushed his mates around the gym on a makeshift sled and did some weighted pull-ups.

Impressive, no? But with a renowned coach (and exercise physiologist) like Justin Lang, we’d expect nothing less.

In any case, his next fight is on October 6th, against Israel Adesanya, interim belt holder, who is hoping to take Whittaker’s Middleweight Champion title at Melbourne’s Marvel Stadium in what Fox Sports have said: “could be the biggest fight in Australian sports history.”

Interested? Read what Whittaker told ESPN when asked about the upcoming fight.

“Israel doesn’t like getting hit and he’s very, very hittable… That’s it. I hit hard. I like hitting people. I can get in and I can do the damage. I can do the work. If he can weather the storm and take my shots and survive five rounds and counter and do everything he did with Gastelum [the fighter Israel last defeated], then congratulations to him, he’ll get the win.”

“But I don’t think he’s going to. I’m a different fighter than Gastelum. I bring much more heat. I hit harder, I hit faster, I gonna come with a new level of intensity he’s not used to.”

Fighting talk.