Conor McGregor Tracksuit: UFC Star Steps Out In $3,400 Tracksuit

Conor McGregor Tracksuit: UFC Star Steps Out In $3,400 Tracksuit

Never one to dress subtly, ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor’s latest outfit ups the ante, turning one of fashion’s most lowkey ensembles on its head.

McGregor’s known for his love of suiting – whether it’s aubergine blazers or suits where the pinstripes literally read ‘f*ck you‘ – the man never missing an opportunity to flex. But his most recent style choice is an all-together different kind of suit: one you might not be let into a restaurant wearing, but one that’s still sure to impress.

Dee Devlin, McGregor’s long-time girlfriend and manager (who Conor finally popped the question to in August this year) shared a photo of her and the MMA legend on a pier in Monaco over the weekend, with McGregor showing off his new clean-shaven look and a 2,450 USD (~3,428 AUD) flower-print tracksuit.

The tracksuit is a custom creation from David August, the American bespoke tailoring firm that also created McGregor’s iconic ‘f*ck you’ suit, the brand confirmed with us today. McGregor has had a long association with David August, even launching his own collaborative sub-label August McGregor with David August founder David Heil.

Luxury loungewear and quality basics have become one of the few successful fashion trends this year, as people have prioritised comfort over formal style during the COVID-19 crisis, with brands like JJJJoundReigning ChampNeedles and Champion Reverse Weave uniquely poised for success in what’s otherwise been a disastrous year for the fashion industry.

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McGregor and his fiancée look to be enjoying their extended stint in the luxurious principality. It also seems as if Conor’s shaved his head and beard ahead of his highly-publicised return to fighting, set to face Philippine boxing icon Manny Pacquiao sometime next year.

It’s an odd twist in the careers of McGregor and Pacquiao, who are both ‘supposed’ to be retired: McGregor focusing on business exploits like his Irish whiskey brand Proper No. Twelve, and Pacquiao embarking on a political career – Pacquiao was elected as a Senator of the Philippines in 2016. They share a unique connection: both men have previously faced off against boxing great Floyd Mayweather (and lost)… An enemy of my enemy is my friend, perhaps?