Dana White 3-Day Bone Broth Fasting Transformation Will Blow Your Mind

UFC’s Dana White Reveals The Ultimate 3-Day Body Transformation Hack


UFC President Dana White has taken to social media and shared a set of before and after photos that prove beyond doubt he’s figured out the greatest body transformation hack there is.

We’ve covered a whole raft of body transformations here at DMARGE, each with its own little unexpected tips and tricks for losing that extra weight. Take the mid-forties American who unveiled the ‘toothbrush trick’ to the world or the man whose little toe inspired a revelation.

Dana White MMA Transformation

Now, UFC’s very own Dana White, who heads up the global fighting institution, has shared his incredible hack for losing weight and getting shredded in only 86 hours (3.5 days). While it goes without saying that Dana was already in great shape before he embarked on this high-speed cut, that doesn’t undermine the potentially massive impact of this dieting loophole…

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While many of our body transformation stories revolve around some similar core tenets that were no doubt central to White’s longer-term body transformation, including the maintenance of a calorie deficit, regular exercise — with a good cardio and weightlifting split — and, in an increasingly common trend, cutting back on alcohol significantly if not entirely, White has thrown in a short-term fat loss hack that can help lock-on those hard-earned results.

So what exactly is this hack that has brought Dana immense results in only three and a half days? An 86-hour water fast. Apparently beginning immediately after the long-awaited UFC 295 wrapped up, White consumed nothing other than water and electrolytes for the first 24-hour period, before incorporating bone broth twice a day from thereon out until the completion of the fast.

Taking to social media to show if his result immediately after the fast came to a close, White said that he felt like a “superhero” and acknowledged that the fast had yielded “incredible” results.

What adds an interesting dimension to this is that White said he wasn’t just doing the fast to help him trim some fat, but also to reduce the risk of illnesses like cancer and Alzheimer’s. While the power of fasting to reduce these risks is still up for some debate, you can read an interesting study on the topic here.

We strongly recommend that you consult your chosen medical professional before taking on a challenge like this yourself and, as one commenter on White’s post suggested, always keep a small snack like a banana on your person should you suddenly feel weak part way through, it could represent an interesting new avenue for many people struggling to shift those stubborn few pounds.

It’s also worth repeating that this approach is a short-term tactic that yields impressive but short-term results; if you’re looking to really change your body for good, I recommend looking through our fitness advice for longer-term, sustainable strategies.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m due my twice-daily bone broth right about… now.