Jorge Masvidal’s Workout Will Destroy Your Will To Live

UFC Champ Jorge Masvidal’s Latest Workout

Our, and to a further extent your, idea of a heavy workout session will likely involve chest presses, squats and maybe a bit of cardio if there’s time. MMA fighter and holder of the fastest knockout in UFC history Jorge Masvidal laughs in the face of such a workout, with a few bicep curls and some burpees being a walk in the park.

The UFC Baddest Motherf**ker Championship holder regularly posts his workout routines on his Instagram account, giving you a glimpse into what it really takes to be a brazened brawler. Front-loaded squats, kettlebell swings, medicine ball throws and resistance band training all feature in Masvidal’s latest routine. Just one watch of the video has left us sweating, so we’re not entirely sure we’d fancy our chances at giving the full thing a go next time we’re in the gym.

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a gym junkie though, we’re sure replicating Jorge’s workout will have you reaping a whole host of fitness benefits. Just don’t expect a similar physique overnight, though.

We always recommend warming up before attempting any workout. A quick 5-minute warm-up can make the difference between leaving the gym in your car, or leaving in an ambulance. Fitness First trainer Mark Glanville says a good warm-up routine should consist of the following:

  • Foam Rolling: Using a foam roller improves your thoracic mobility, i.e. your spinal rotation. Lie on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat.  Position the foam roller under your body around the mid-back area. With your fingers touching your temples and elbows forward, raise your hips and begin to roll from mid-back to the neck and down again. Repeat for 30 seconds.
  • Dislocates: Hold a dowel rod or a light resistance band with a wide grip in front of your hips, standing with your knees slightly flexed, chest up and shoulder blades retracted. Bring the stick or band over the head, keeping your elbows locked and the spine neutral. Make contact with the lower back or glutes, and bring it back to the start position. Complete 10-15 repetitions.
  • Inch-worm into scapula push-up/rotating plank:
    • Inch Worm
    • Starting in a standing position touch your toes, bending the knees slightly if needed. Start walking your hands forward until you reach a straight-arm plank position.  Maintaining a neutral spine begin to protract (separate) your shoulder blades by arching through the upper back and then retract them by squeezing the shoulder blades together and keeping your elbows straight.  If necessary, drop to your knees in order to keep a neutral spine. Complete 10-15 repetitions.
    • Rotating Plank
      From the inch worm, drop to your elbows into a plank position.  Rotate to one side and bring one elbow towards the ceiling, keeping the elbow bent.  Look forward and engage the shoulder blade at the top of the movement.  Repeat on the opposite side.  Complete 6-10 repetitions on each side.

Once you’ve warmed up, it’s time to tackle Jorge’s workout.

  • Resistance Band Training – This exercise requires a partner, or alternatively you can tie a resistance band around a squat rack. With a band around your waist and a tight band around your thighs, pull against the band around your waist whilst moving around and punching the air in front of you.
  • Front Squats – With a barbell across the front of your shoulders, cross your arms and bring your elbows up to be parallel with the ground. Keep your core tight, bend your knees until hips and knees are parallel with the ground. Push upwards, keeping your feet flat on the ground. (Front squats are harder than back squats, so go easy on the weight until you perfect the technique).
  • Medicine Ball Throw Downs – Grab a medicine ball and throw it at the ground. Twist your body with each throw and kick your leg out to pile extra effort on your core.
  • Hex Bar Deadlifts – Line your shins up with the weights, grab the handles, tighten your core and bend your legs to engage your hamstrings. Lift up, pushing from your legs, squeezing your glutes when you’re standing straight. Make sure to not overarch your back.
  • Kettlebell One-Arm Swings – Another leg-dominant exercise. Lightly grip a kettlebell (choose whichever weight feels right), use your hips as a hinge to swing the kettlebell from in between your legs and up to just before eye-level. Repeat for both arms.
  • Kneeling Landmine Chest Press – Kneel in front of the bar and use a neutral grip with both hands on the end of the bar and push upwards.
  • Barbell Ab Rollout – Kneeling on the ground, grab a barbell and slowly roll it until you’re parallel with the ground. Use your core to roll the barbell back until you’re back to a kneeling position.
  • Hyperextension With Resistance Bands – Ensure your waist is in line with the top of the pad of the hyperextension bench and your feet are firmly on the footplates. Starting with your upper body parallel to the floor, lift it up until your body is straight. Add resistance bands into this movement to pile on extra effort.
  • Ab Crunches – A staple of many gym routines. Lock your feet into something solid and lift your torso up off the ground.
  • Hanging Leg Lift With Medicine Ball – Holding onto a high bar, clutch a medicine ball between your knees and lift up until your knees are at 90-degrees to your body.

We’re worn out just reading that workout. We challenge you to add it into your next visit.