Conor McGregor Unleashes Violent Twitter Rant Targeting Ryan Garcia After Doping Exposed

Mac is back.

Conor McGregor Unleashes Violent Twitter Rant Targeting Ryan Garcia After Doping Exposed

Image: Erik Verduzco/Las Vegas Review

Conor McGregor wasn’t pulling his punches this week after Ryan Garcia’s failed drug test called his victory over Devin Haney into question. The Irish fighter unleashed a tirade of accusatory tweets aimed at the disgraced boxing star.

In his prime, Conor McGregor had everyone in the UFC in his sights. For the Irishman, the fight began as soon as it was announced; press conferences became his new battleground to rile up his staunch Irish supporters and get in the heads of his opponents before the pair had even faced off.

He was a fearless competitor in and out of the Octagon, whose many talents extended to his abrasive dressing down of his opponents and his give-a-sh*t attitude. Since breaking his leg to Dustin Poirier, an extended hiatus robbed UFC fans of the classic Conor quips… but a recent expletive rant on Twitter could suggest the Mac is back.

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In a now-deleted tweet, Conor McGregor unleashes on Ryan Garcia after the American boxer failed a mandatory drugs test after his high-profile win over Devin Haney last month.

A banned performance-enhancing drug (PED) known as Ostarine was picked up in his system after the fight. Ostarine is something of a wonder drug for fighters – hence the prohibition – that allows users to put on muscle at an increased rate, whilst simultaneously encouraging weight loss.

McGregor, whose own history with PEDS has been questioned in the past due to missed drug tests, clearly wasn’t pleased with the news, saying: “Get your head together cos I gonna smash it in with elbows if you don’t.”

Not surprisingly, McGregor deleted it shortly after.