Is Francis Ngannou On Steroids Or Is He Just A Beast?

Francis Ngannou Steroids

Ex-UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou’s ripped physique and otherworldly punching power have led to speculations that he is using performance-enhancing drugs. However, during his entire tenure at the UFC, the Predator never failed a single drug test.

All fighters in the UFC are enrolled in the organisation’s drug testing pool where fighters are tested several times during a certain period on a random basis. From 2015 to 2022 when he fought under the promotion, Ngannou was never flagged for using steroids.

In 2022, the USADA even presented Ngannou with 50x clean jacket, proving that The Predator achieved his insane physique with hard work in the gym. That same month, Ngannou fought his last UFC bout against Cyril Gane so it’s safe to say that Francis Ngannou was clean as a whistle during his entire UFC tenure.

There was however one time, when Ngannou was accused of doping. This happened in 2021 before Francis won the UFC heavyweight belt from Stipe Miocic. The accusation came from former opponent Andrei Arlovski who commented on a UFC post on Ngannou ‘Steroid fu**’. Arlovski’s claim is however unsubstantiated as he didn’t elaborate on his accusation.

The UFC began drug-testing its fighters since Mid-2015 when it partnered with the USADA for its program. Francis Ngannou’s first UFC bout was in December of that year so that also means that Ngannou was covered by the UFC drug testing policy since its inception.