Alex Pereira’s Workout Will Destroy You

How to keep fighting fit.

Alex Pereira’s Workout Will Destroy You

UFC light heavyweight champion Alex Pereira is one of the most dangerous fighters in mixed martial arts and one of the most dynamic strikers in the game, owing to his world-class kickboxing background. But how does he stay in shape?

Pereira has some of the most devastating leg kicks in the UFC and his punching power is strong enough to put to sleep any 205lb fighter in the world.

But the 36-year-old fighter wouldn’t have become this killer if he didn’t work hard on his game. Poatan is a very disciplined fighter who doesn’t take shortcuts and spends a good amount of time in the gym working on his craft.

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Pereira has an intense training workout aimed at improving his agility, strength, and flexibility and divides his sessions into two parts: strength workouts and core workouts.

The Brazilian fighter works out between two to three hours daily and for his strength and power training; he does weight lifting; plyometric exercises and resistance training to improve his overall strength and enhance his punching power.

To work on his strength, Pereira incorporates battle ropes, chair dips, dumbbell shrugs, and hand gripper exercises. To keep his explosiveness, Pereira does the reverse fly, single-leg pushups, kneeling rear leg raise, and pistol squats. Meanwhile, core workouts include oblique and side crunches, isometric pushups, medicine ball planks, and seated Russian twists. These help Pereira with his agility. 

Last year, we saw footage of a bizarre workout where Pereira wrestled Teixeira in a creek. Alex even ended up pinning Glover underwater in one of their sessions while preparing for Jan Blachowicz at UFC 291.

Given his dedication to training, it’s no surprise why Alex Pereira is where he is in his career right now.