Top American MMA Fighters in the UFC in 2024

The best MMA fighters from the birthplace of the UFC.

Top American MMA Fighters in the UFC in 2024

Image: UFC

Modern mixed martial arts traces its roots to UFC 1 which took place on 12 November 1993 at Denver’s McNichols Arena. The promotion was founded by American businessman Art Davie and Brazilian martial artist Rorion Gracie.

Since then, MMA as we know it has grown exponentially as a sport and in popularity. It has gone from a discipline that people wanted to outlaw into a mainstream combat sport. The UFC has become a billion-dollar company and many MMA promotions have sprouted all over the world including Bellator, PFL, ONE Championship, and Combate Global.

Despite its worldwide popularity, the United States remains the top venue for the biggest mixed martial arts events. As such, the U.S. is a breeding ground for some of the best MMA fighters on the planet.

Here are the Top 5 current American mixed martial artists: