How Much Does Francis Ngannou Weigh? This Heavyweight Lives Up To The Name

Francis Ngannou Weight

Former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou was one of the scariest fighters in the UFC. The Predator was tall, big, and muscular. He also possessed superhuman punching power.

Ngannou ran through the UFC heavyweight division, winning his first six bouts via stoppage. After suffering back-to-back losses, he racked up six straight wins once again, including five via knockout.Β 

Looking at Ngannou, the Cameroonian-French combat sports athlete has a reported walking weight of 285 pounds to close to 300 pounds. But when he fought inside the Octagon, The Predator had to be within the 206 to 265 pound limit.

During his last UFC bout against Cyril Gane at UFC 270, the Predator weighed a muscular 257 pounds while Gane hit the scales at 247 pounds. One fight earlier, Ngannou captured the UFC heavyweight championship by defeating Stipe Miocic. In that bout, Francis tipped the scales at 263 pounds while Miocic gave up nearly 30 pounds at 234 pounds. 

Ngannou also weighed in at 263 pounds during his first bout with Miocic on January 20, 2018. In that bout, Stipe was listed at 246 pounds. Miocic won via unanimous decision to successfully defend the heavyweight championship and deal Ngannou his first loss in the UFC. Francis made his UFC debut against Luis Henrique at UFC on Fox 17 in 2015 and weighed in at 254 pounds.  

For his last two bouts, Ngannou fought at boxing’s heavyweight division, facing a pair for world champion boxers. Francis made his pro boxing debut against Tyson Fury on October 28, 2023. In what was a first, Ngannou got outweighed by an opponent during the weigh-ins as the Gypsy King bulked up to 277.7 pounds while Ngannou tipped the scales at 272.7 pounds.

The Predator was at his heavyweight weight when he faced former heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua last month in Riyadh. In that bout, Ngannou was listed at 272.6 or 0.4 pounds heavier than when he fought Fury. Meanwhile, AJ came in at 252.4 pounds for that showdown.