Islam Makhachev’s Religion: The Champ’s Faith Explained

Islam Makhachev Religion

Islam Makhachev is the UFC lightweight champion who hails from Dagestan in Russia. Like majority of the Dagestani population, the 32-year old is a devout Muslim who adheres to the practices and principles of Islam.

Makhachev’s dedication to Islam is expressed through religious devotion as evidenced by his frequent visits to mosques which he almost always shares on his social media accounts. Islam also sends social media greetings to his fellow Muslim brothers during religious festivals, proving his deep ties to his religious heritage.

The day-to-day discipline that comes along with the Muslim religion is the biggest reason why Muslims are very successful in the sport of MMA. For Islam Makhachev, being a devout Muslim keeps himself grounded, and it keeps him away from degeneracy or other vices that may affect his performance inside the UFC Octagon. To date, Makhachev has won his last 13 fights and has stopped all but one of his last 7 opponents.

After beating Charles Oliveira at UFC 280, Makhachev admitted turning to a Higher Power for divine guidance and providence. He went on to thank God for the victory.

“I always ask God for everything, and he gives me more than what I asked,” Makhachev said. “I trained so hard for this minute. All my life, when I was a kid, I was preparing for that moment.”