Jon Jones Workout: Secret Behind UFC Legend’s Fighting Form

As a fighter, Jones trains like no other.

Jon Jones Workout

Former UFC light heavyweight and current UFC heavyweight Jon Jones is one of the best fighters to ever walk the planet. Aside from his insane size and incredible fighting skills, Jones became the GOAT of mixed martial arts with a lot of hard work in the gym.

As a fighter, Jones trains like no other. His workout routine includes tech-aided exercises, strength training, cardiovascular workouts, conditioning exercises, and MMA-related drills. Jon also has a strict diet which compliments all the hard work that he does in the gym.

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For his strength training, Jones does a lot of powerlifting. These sessions include complex movements like squats and deadlifts. Bones also uses high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to improve his stamina in five-round championship fights.

 Plyometrics and hill sprints help Jon improve his endurance while Active Rest Recovery (ARR) is what he uses for recovery during rest days. Activities here include stretching, yoga, swimming, and other low-intensity exercises.

Jones also utilises the latest in technology, such as wearables to monitor his training progress. For this, Jon makes use of fitness trackers which monitor among others heart rate, oxygen level, and blood pressure. With a data-driven approach, Jones can tailor his training sessions based on his needs and adjust his workouts as may be needed.

MMA-related training for Jones includes Muay Thai, Brazilian-Jiu-Jitsu, and wrestling. Jones is one of the few fighters who are considered to have no weaknesses. And the reason behind that is that he is a well-rounded fighter.

Aside from his workout routine, Jon Jones also has a clean and balanced diet which optimizes his performance. Jones’ diet includes lean meats, fish, and plant-based proteins. In one of his interviews, he revealed that 90% of his food is plant-based.