Jonathan Martinez’s Fitness Formula: Powering Up For UFC Glory

Jonathan Martinez's Fitness Formula

UFC bantamweight fighter Jonathan Martinez is on a roll right now. Although The Dragon hasn’t been public with his training regimen, he definitely wouldn’t be where he is if he didn’t work hard in the gym.

There’s no question, Martinez has arrived in the UFC. With victories in each of his last six bouts including a pair of Performance of the Night-earning knockout wins in his last three fights, Martinez has vaulted into the UFC bantamweight rankings at No. 13.

The former XFL flyweight and bantamweight title holder will next face Hall of Famer Jose Aldo in the co-main event of UFC 301 scheduled for 4 May 2024, at the Farmassi Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The 37-year-old Aldo will be fighting for the first time since 2022 when he announced his retirement to pursue boxing. 

Many fighters post their training camp videos online to show how they have been preparing for a particular fight. Martinez however, isn’t among those fighters as he prefers to keep his fight preparations low-key and under the radar. 

However, when we talk about MMA fighters training for fights, these usually include conditioning, strength training, and flexibility workouts. These training sessions are aimed at improving a fighter’s power, endurance, speed, technique, and overall athleticism. 

A couple of years ago, a video of Martinez’s training was uploaded via YouTube. In the said video, Martinez can be seen sparring on the feet with boxing gloves, hitting the bag, grappling, and Jiu-jitsu.

 Since Martinez is known as a kick and leg specialist, he likely has a special lower limb routine that keeps him on top of the kicking game. Two of Martinez’s last two knockouts have been by leg kick knockouts so that just shows how devastating his kicking game is and how good his preparation is too.