Francis Ngannou’s Punch Record Destroyed At UFC Performance Institute

The Beast packs a serious punch.

Francis Ngannou’s Punch Record Destroyed At UFC Performance Institute

Image: Happy Punch

Hailed as one of the strongest men in the world, British athlete Eddie Hall recently shattered Francis Ngannou’s punch force record at the prestigious UFC Performance Institute in Nevada.

Francis Ngannou has been taking the plaudits recently for his incredible punching prowess after the 37-year-old delivered the most powerful punch in the UFC, striking the PowerKube with a record-breaking force of 129,161 Franklin. But a recent viral video shows that the fighter has some stiff competition from one of the world’s strongest men…

WATCH Eddie Hall smashes Francis Ngannou’s punching force record below.

Although Eddie Hall retired from professional competitions due to the immense toll it was taking on his body, the British champ clearly hasn’t lost his signature strength.

Recording in the famous UFC Performance Institute, a specialised fighting gym located in the U.S., the British strongman delivered a serious punch that registered 208,901 Franklin to the facility’s PowerKube, surpassing Ngannou’s and UFC fighter Alex Pereira’s existing records.

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Image: Daniel Cheetham

It’s not the first time that Hall has broken records, however. In a Herculean display of brute force and strength, Eddie Hall etched his name into the upper echelons of strongman history by achieving a monumental milestone – he became the first man to deadlift 500 kilograms (1,102 lbs) under official competition conditions. It’s widely considered to be one of the most important lifts in strongman history.

Of course, Francis Ngannou’s achievements in combat sports are undoubtedly impressive. But Eddie Hall’s latest feat shows just how powerful strongmen are… although I doubt Hall would want to go 10 rounds with the bruising boxer.