NBA’s Jimmy Butler Debuts Hilarious New Look For Miami Heat Media Day

It's not a phase... it's a lifestyle.

NBA’s Jimmy Butler Debuts Hilarious New Look For Miami Heat Media Day

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Basketball fans are losing it after Jimmy Butler turned up for NBA team Miami Heat’s Media Day carrying on his tradition of debuting an interesting new look.

“I’m emo,” Jimmy Butler confessed as he sat down in front of a room full of reporters on Monday night. It’s become something of a tradition in recent years, as the Miami Heat forward ushers in a new NBA season, debuting an interesting new look.

And this year’s event was no different, with Butler continuing his highly-anticipated trend to debut a look not too dissimilar from something you’d see from your mates on 2008 Tumblr.

Stripping back the dreadlocks for an outrageous look that’s something out of the Emo Starter Pack, Butler arrived for the team’s first official event with straightened hair styled in a side parting covering one eye, staring at the reporters and cameras in front of him, doing well to hold back a grin.

The Emo look was part of the way Butler had been feeling recently, he revealed, and was complete with piercings on his bottom lip, nose and eyebrow, with black fingernails under a long black trench coat and all-black clothing.

“This is my Halloween.”

Jimmy Butler

Butler’s been known for his antics during Media Day, seemingly relishing in a bit of harmless fun ahead of the regular NBA season. Butler, a six-time NBA All-Star clearly takes his role on the court very seriously, so it’s unlikely that he’ll keep his new style for the Heat’s preseason clash against the Hornets later this month.

Butler still managed to take questions from the press and answered with renewed confidence for this season, after the Miami Heat fell short at the final hurdle in the NBA Finals last season, losing to the Denver Nuggets in June.

“This is our year for an NBA title,” Butler claimed. “You all will see.”

The Heat welcome the Pistons to Miami for the first game of the new NBA season on 26 October at 10:30am AEST.