NBA’s Sorest Losers Revealed

A new survey has surveyed 2500 NBA fans and can now reveal which team has the sorest fans in the league.

NBA’s Sorest Losers Revealed


Ever wanted to scream at the TV when you’re teams losing? Or even throw the remote across the room? Well, you’re not entirely alone… New data from Online Casinos can now reveal which NBA team has the sorest losers in the league.

Basketball fans are some of the most die-hard hopefuls in the realm of American sport. With more than 85 million fans on Instagram alone, the NBA is the second most-followed sports league in the world, behind only the UEFA Champions League, and with that comes a big responsibility to the millions of passionate people who allow the likes of LeBron James, Steph Curry and Jimmy Butler, dictate their entire mood, for the entire week.

Throughout the long NBA season, each team will play 82 games, competing to win the coveted NBA Championship, and the fans that follow their team through thick and thin will experience untethered elation and heartbreak in equal measure.

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It’s been reported that as much as 40% of NBA fans allow their team’s loss to dictate their overall mood, but of course, basketball is no different to any other sport; fans have reactive, highly visceral, reactions to the results of their favourite teams.

From A-Lister spectators such as Drake, Kim Kardashian and Kevin Hart who prefer to sit courtside for their teams, to the armchair fan, whose support doesn’t extend beyond the parameters of their at-home set-up, a result can mean everything.

New data from Online Casinos surveyed 2500 U.S. basketball fans to see who takes the longest to recover from a bad defeat in the league. The results are then quantified and each team generates a score out of 100 to determine which NBA team’s fans are the sorest losers… and the results may shock you.

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A team that’s used to coming in first place, the Los Angeles Lakers are at the top of the list of sorest losers in the NBA, generating a maximum score of 100/100. According to the report, 66% LA Lakers fans can do nothing but sit in silence as they watch LeBron and co. falter to defeat in the NBA, whilst as many as 60% admitted to screaming at the television during a loss.

In second place, Boston Celtics fans indexed a score of 69/100 on the scoreboard of the sorest losers with 43% of Celtics fans revealing that they let their team’s loss impact their entire mood.

Sitting in third place, but only just, is NBA royalty: the Chicago Bulls. In a team that can no longer boast the generational talent of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman, the Bulls have fallen off the top spot over the last few decades.

Chicago Bulls fans scored a 66/100, just three shy of second, and it’s no wonder, the Bulls have failed to win an NBA Championship since the now-famous Last Dance season in the late 1990s and the fans are letting their feelings known. As many as 42% of Bulls fans say a loss will affect their mood; 60% say they will sit in silence; and 20% have admitted to throwing something at the TV when a result hasn’t gone their way.

Check out the full table of NBA’s Sorest Losers below.

1. Los Angeles Lakers10016. Oklahoma City Thunder25
2. Boston Celtics6917. Phoenix Suns24
3. Chicago Bulls6618. Portland Trailer Blazers19
4. Brooklyn Nets5919. Memphis Grizzlies17
5. Golden State Warriors5820. Cleveland Cavaliers17
6. Indian Pacers5121. Milwaukee Bucks17
7. Toronto Raptors4722. Denver Nuggets16
8. Philadelphia 76ers4523. San Antonio Spurs13
9. Dallas Mavericks4124. Charlotte Hornets10
10. New Orleans Pelicans3925. Utah Jazz9
11. Los Angeles Clippers3426. Sacramento Kings9
12. New York Knicks3227. Washington Wizards7
13. Miami Heat3028. Minnesota Timberwolves5
14. Atlanta Hawks2729. Detroit Pistons4
15. Houston Rockets2630. Orlando Magic0