Tom Brady Makes Huge Investment In Yet Another Emerging Sportswear Brand

Tom Brady announces plans to form "one complete wellness company" after acquiring share in U.S. sportswear brand.

Tom Brady Makes Huge Investment In Yet Another Emerging Sportswear Brand

Not satisfied with a minority stake in one of English football’s oldest football clubs, NFL superstar Tom Brady is seemingly looking to diversify his already stacked portfolio with his latest venture, announcing he’s acquired the second-largest share in NOBULL apparel to merge with one of his signature brands.

They say many players struggle in retirement by finding themselves far removed from the game they’ve spent a lifetime playing in a fleeting moment.

Many former athletes maintain that relationship with their field in a variety of ways: purchasing stakes in major sports teams, making appearances in the media and even investing in emerging sports brands yet to make their mark… NFL alumni Tom Brady is busy doing all three.

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Of course for Tom Brady, retirement was inevitable as the New England Patriots legend was heading into his twilight years; he even announced he was retiring from the game on 1 February 2022 after three seasons with the Buccaneers, before deciding, just six weeks later, that he’d be returning to the field for one last dance.

Almost a year to the day since the seven-time Superbowl Champion retired from the NFL, aged 45, Tom Brady has announced that he has reached an agreement with sportswear brand NOBULL to merge his existing TB12 wellness brand with the Boston-based label.

Brady has become the company’s second-largest shareholder behind BodyArmor’s billionaire founder Mike Repole, who purchased a majority share in the company in July 2023.

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Together, Brady says the pair plan to form “one complete wellness company that at its core, will help people become the best version of themselves,” combining TB12’s existing products of protein powders, electrolytes and supplements with NOBULL’s leading sportswear and apparel.

Forbes reported that Brady ranked 50th on the highest-paid athletes list for 2023, with an estimated annual earnings of $42.5 million (~$66 million AUD); it’s yet unclear what Brady’s initial investment in NOBULL will be.