‘Bonkers’ Video Proves Why England Fans Are The Best In The World

"You guys are on a different level."

‘Bonkers’ Video Proves Why England Fans Are The Best In The World

A hilarious video has shown yet again why English fans are known as the World Game’s most boisterous, with scenes of supporters sliding along tables on their stomachs, dancing on table tops, taking their tops off and necking beer while lying down.

If this is what they’re like when they qualify for the round of 16, can you imagine what it’s going to be like if they win the final? England beat Wales 3-0 last night, with the Welsh putting on a poor performance, culminating in Gareth Bale getting only seven touches of the ball and then getting subbed at half time.

WATCH: England fans go bananas after beating Wales

Wales had possession just 26% of the time in the first half, but at least kept the score at 0-0.

England scored 3 goals in the second half, however, to pin themselves as numero uno Group B. They will play Senegal in the next round.

Footage of English fans celebrating, posted to TikTok by LADBible, have shown why English fans have such a reputation. The video shows one man “swimming” along a table on his stomach (and trying to drink a beer while lying down), others dancing around with their tops off (and singing “Freed from desire”), spraying each other with drinks and generally having a whale of a time.

Turns out those cheeky “you’re going home in the morning” chants were right.

On TikTok, people were quick to remark on the fans’ passion (and some England fans even chimed in themselves). One wrote: “I’m a simple English fan. Beer and free from desire and that’s it!!!”

Another wrote: “Let’s see if this is how they’ll be like for the final.” Further comments included: “Back to booing their own next game” and “#itscominghome COME ON ENGLAND!”

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More keyboard patters included: “class,” “HARRY KANE” and “You guys are on a different level babe.”

Not everyone was stoked. One grouch called the scenes pathetic, writing: “Grown men. I’m English and you beat Wales ffs a rugby nation. Bore off.”

Another said: “scotland party better.”

Let’s see if Australia can match these scenes tonight when we take on Denmark for a place in the final 16 for the first time since 2006.

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