Australians Scream For Martin Tyler To Be Sacked & Replaced With Peter Drury

"It is an absolute travesty that Australians are stuck with Martin Tyler."

Australians Scream For Martin Tyler To Be Sacked & Replaced With Peter Drury

After England’s easy win against Senegal this morning, many World Cup fans are calling for commentator Martin Tyler to retire, accusing his commentary of “falling off a cliff.” Complaints include his persistent mentioning of 1966 and his supposed lack of enthusiasm.

Martin Tyler is an institution. A voice that has guided us through games for what seems like an eternity. But some fans are displeased with his “performance” in this morning’s England vs. Senegal clash, which the English won 3-0.

Tyler is currently trending on Twitter. And not due to praise. One fan (who describes themselves as a “Failed Footballer, Liverpool Tragic and pseudo-Twitch Streamer”) accused him of downplaying the racial abuse of Bukayo Saka, writing: “Martin Tyler has actually fallen off a cliff here in terms of his commentating quality – ‘When Saka had to deal with that hoo-haa after the Euros’ – don’t downplay he was racially abused by a significant number of people, say it how it is pal.”

It’s worth noting here this is just one fan, and just one tweet (the rest of Tyler’s criticism was centred around people finding him boring). It’s also worth noting that when Saka was given a standing ovation by Brentford upon his Premier League return, Tyler said, “It was wonderful at Tottenham and it’s wonderful again tonight.”

“Bukayo Saka is a charming young footballer and he must be touched by the reception to him tonight.”

Martin Tyler

Back to this morning’s game though: many other fans (particularly Aussies) had a different kind of complaint, calling Tyler dull. They wrote things like: “Fmd please please get rid of Martin Tyler. He puts me to sleep.”

Another wrote: “Sorry people but Martin Tyler has to go. I’ve been one of his biggest fans over the years but he is now well and truly past it. He’s more boring than England. Definitely time to hang up the microphone. Please.”

Another said: “Can’t believe it took until the 54th minute for Martin Tyler to mention the ‘66 World Cup.”

Further critiques included: “Martin Tyler talking about the car parking situation being bad in Qatar…blow the whistle now” and “It is an absolute travesty that Australians are stuck with Martin Tyler droning us to sleep on SBS when we could have this [‘poet’ Peter Drury].”

The criticism didn’t let up there, with more complaints including: “Please, please stop giving us Martin Tyler… With all due respect for what he’s done, these days he does his best to kill all possible excitement.”

Another said: “Please tell me Martin Tyler isn’t commentating the World Cup Final.”

“I recommend everyone in Australia go and use the Arabic commentary on sbs if ur struggling to listen to Martin Tyler,” yet another cheeky social media user quipped.

Twitter user Zane Bojak defended Tyler, writing: “The guy is a broadcasting legend.. he is getting nailed for not getting excited for goals which required VAR adjudication.. it’s a difficult thing.. if it was the opposite people would be saying he’s getting too excited for offside calls.”

It’s also possible Tyler’s commentary was just a reflection of how little tension there was in the game, with England always looking like winning it after the first 40 minutes.

It’s also possible Australians just don’t like being reminded of that one time England won the World Cup, and are looking for excuses to hate on the commentary great.

This isn’t the first time Tyler has been criticised this World Cup, with a few aggrieved comments rolling through during the Cameroon game, too.

Whether Tyler is still a legend of the (commentary) game or whether we’re simply suckers for nostalgia, we’ll leave up to you. But one thing is for sure: if England win the World Cup we’re sure you’ll finally hear some serious excitement from him.

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