Superbike World Champion’s 3-Year-Old Rides Massive Motorbike On Track

We don't know if we're jealous or disgusted.

Superbike World Champion’s 3-Year-Old Rides Massive Motorbike On Track

Most little boys don’t need much more than a tub of Lego and a plate of fish fingers to make ’em happy… But this Turkish 3-year-old is out and about being chauffeured in Ferraris and hooning motorbikes around private circuits for his playtime.

You only have to take a quick look at the Instagram of Zayn Sofuoğlu, son of five-time Supersport World Championship-winning motorcyclist Kenan Sofuoğlu, to know that he’s not your average toddler.

Why? Because every few days, it seems he’s partaking in some form of extreme sports: riding quad bikes, jetskis, go-karts and of course, motorbikes.

Just check out this video of him riding an electric BMW motorbike that’s roughly four times his size around a circuit. His feet can’t even touch the footrests and yet he’s hooning around at high speed. Or what about him catching some air in an ATV?

WATCH Zayn Sofuoğlu hooning on track below.

It’s equal parts fascinating, impressive and horrifying. Most of us could barely tie our shoelaces at 3, and yet Zayn’s out here burning rubber.

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At the same time, the thought of what might happen if he came off a bike at speed doesn’t bare contemplating… It’s also kind of tactless how his parents are spoiling him like this for the sake of a bit of social media clout.

One Turkish Twitter user also put it like this: “if I do this to my son, the state will take him away from me.” Well, Kenan’s a politician too, so we doubt that’s something he’s worrying about…

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