Lucky Australian Bloke Wins More Than $170,000 From An Impossible $15 Bet

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Lucky Australian Bloke Wins More Than $170,000 From An Impossible $15 Bet

One lucky Australian punter has managed to stretch his $15 bet across a monster 50 legs… and has won some serious money in the process.

Whether it’s watching the NRL, AFL or football, we’ve all got that one mate who spreads his bets too thin, picking up legs on a number of varying conditions throughout the game; total points under 100, Cherry-Evans anytime points scorer or Panthers to win…again.

Live sports betting is certainly not without its flaws, but the chance to win big undeniably adds to the overall excitement of the live event, watching every passage of play with an immense interest hoping to tick off one of the many multis you’ve got in-game.

Sometimes the odds are never really worth the punt, but spreading your bets across multiple legs is a good way to increase your returns from a number of different games. For the astute better, the chance to win big on a relatively small bet is all the more satisfying.

WATCH The moment an Australian punter won more than $170,000 off a $15 bet below.

One Aussie bloke managed to do just that, spreading his multi across a mammoth 50 legs and increasing his returns to a whopping 11355.39.

The result was outstanding, as he continuously refreshed his Sportsbet in anticipation of a famous windfall. He would go on to win $170,333 from just $15.

You might say to the guy, ‘Quit while you’re ahead,’ but I imagine coming off of that high he might already be looking for the next masterstroke.

Of course, he may want to try his luck at the upcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix, although comedian Steve Carell has sent a warning to travelling Formula 1 fans feeling lucky.

Remember to always gamble responsibly.