Beer Girl – The U.S. Open Beer-Chugging Sensation

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Beer Girl – The U.S. Open Beer-Chugging Sensation

It doesn’t have to take much to become an instant social media viral sensation, as Megan Lucky has found out. The American girl – who recently spent some time in Australia, going by her Instagram account – was first spotted at the 2021 U.S. Open, when live broadcast cameras picked her out in the crowd.

Seizing her moment, Megan grabbed her boyfriend’s beer and chugged it (drank it all in one go) to rapturous applause from the crowd.

WATCH: “Beer Girl” Megan Lucky Chugs A Beer At The 2021 and 2022 U.S. Open Tournaments

At the time, nobody knew what her real name was, so she was given the simple online nickname of “Beer Girl.”

But, Megan has returned to her beer-chugging ways one year on, and she was once again spotted at the 2022 U.S. Open. Living up to her newfound moniker, grabbed her boyfriend’s beer once more and downed it in one. This year, the internet detectives have finally been able to determine “Beer Girl’s” real name, which turns out to be Megan Lucky.

A clip of Megan performing the feat for a second year in a row is now going viral on social media and has even been shared by the official U.S. Open Twitter account. The video is actually a compilation, stitching together a clip of her effort in 2022, followed by the original clip from 2021 that catapulted her into social media stardom.

Initially, the 2022 clip wasn’t shared immediately following Megan necked her pint, as it occurred on the same evening Serena Williams played final ever tennis match, after she lost to Australian tennis player Ajla Tomljanović. Understandably, content relating to Serena Williams’ glittering career was deemed to be more important than Megan’s beer-swilling.

But, following a post Megan herself made on her Instagram account, coupled with comments from fans, the U.S. Open eventually released the clip. The account added the caption, “It seems this is becoming tradition at this point.” Already, many fans have commented on Megan’s Instagram post asking her to make it three chugs of a beer in a row, and attend the 2023 U.S. Open.

Selected comments include,

“Pure Legend 🔥🍻 Serena also very good.”

“Defending Champ! Let’s go for three peat.”


“Omg it was you on TV! Tennis and America love you.”

Not much else is known about Megan in her personal life, other than she has a boyfriend, Andrew Dillinger, whom she has been with since at least May 2020, and loves to travel. Since identifying her, her Instagram account following has increased to just under 30,000 followers (at the time of writing) and we can only expect that number to grow.

Several images on Megan’s Instagram account show her in various locations around the world, including Spain, Australia and France.

Meg posed in a bunch of mirror selfies to mark the beginning of the year. She released pictures of herself and her man, Andrew Dillinger. Travelling is apparently Meg’s new drug. She attended Taylor Swift’s concert at MetLife Stadium, went ice skating with her friend Christine Greik, and visited Las Vegas, Amalfi Coast, London, and New York City. Trevi Fountain in Rome, and Monmouth Beach Club and Tennis Club were other tourist attractions for Meg. Starting a new podcast, “Another Lucky Life,” she aims to host a lot of celebrities on it. At a local stadium, Beer Girl challenged a fellow spectator to a beer drinking round, and well, she won.

Beer Girl - Taylor Swift
Image: @meglucky53


Partnering with Truly, she had an outdoor shoot in tennis skirts while sipping on the drink. She also collaborated with Sarah Elise Jewelry for an ad video.

Marking Events

For Halloween 2023, she recreated Pamela Anderson’s and Kate Hudson’s most popular shoots in their prime. For Valentine 2024, she made a cran-raspberry, orange seltzer, and lemon tequila, sharing a life lesson afterwards. She believes that the key to togetherness is seeing yourself in the people you judge and oppose, not despising them for themselves. For Saint Patrick’s Day, she dazzled in a green outfit while she made a green-themed mocktail with melon liquor and other flavours.

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