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17 Best Boxing Glove Brands To Get Your Punch On

Fancy yourself the next Mike Tyson? Then check out the best boxing gloves available.

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A boxing glove does two things at the same time, protect your hands while punching. The best boxing gloves are designed to do those things for the whole twelve rounds and withstand the power, speed, and impact that is common in boxing.

Whether you are an amateur getting ready for your next bout or an enthusiast that loves incorporating the high-intensity workouts that boxing can deliver, this guide will help you find boxing gloves for you.

What size and weight gloves should you use?

The common measurement that all boxing gloves use to measure their physical weight is ounces. This is a way to measure the padding and protection for the boxing gloves, and finding the right fit relies on your individual style and what workout you are looking for.

A fighter will use a 10oz glove in professional bouts as they are the standard for all competition. For the average guy, a 14oz glove provides optimal padding for an all-round workout with training on the bag and mitts or a round of light sparring. If you are looking to get into heavy bag work or hard sparring, then a 16oz is the ideal size.

Different types of boxing gloves to look out for

The two main types of gloves you will come across are training and professional gloves. They are different in construction and purpose, but all serve the function of protecting your hands.

Training gloves are more padded and have velcro fastening for accessibility. They are generally only used during bag work but can also be used during sparring sessions. If you are more of an enthusiast and enjoy employing boxing in your workouts, then these are the gloves for you.

On the other hand, professional gloves are used in boxing bouts and while they still have padding, there is less of it so more offense can be applied to your opponent. They are lace up only to provide more stability when throwing punches.

If you need to find the best boxing gloves for your next workout, you’re guaranteed to find them on our curated list below.