Kai Lenny Goes Foiling In Friend’s Pool

Summer fun.

Kai Lenny Goes Foiling In Friend’s Pool

Image: The Foiling Magazine

When you’ve stared down death at Jaws, Nazare and Puerto Escondido, you might think it a piece of piss hanging out in your friend’s pool. But while the risks of drowning and dismemberment when hurtling down an 80ft wave may be obvious, the risks of getting injured at a doldrum flat pool are a little more subtle.

Kai Lenny is nothing if not a man who relishes a challenge though, and he’s taken the age-old ‘skimming across your mates pool on an abandoned bodyboard’ trick to the next level.

In signature Cheshire style, the 2019 Waterman of the Year gives his friend’s Olympic length pool (where they normally do breath-hold training) a royal goodbye with a winch, a foil and a three fin Beater, all after a day of windsurfing Ho’okipa and wing foiling at Kuau Bay.

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“It’s something much different to what we normally do out in the ocean,” Lenny said during the Youtube clip of the action (watch the full video here).

“We’re going to winch in our friend’s pool… something to do on a flat summer’s day.”

Lenny then foils and then winches like a man possessed.

Kai Lenny is a big wave surfer, stand-up paddle surfer and racer, surfer, tow-in surfer, windsurfer, kitesurfer and celebrity watersports enthusiast. Lenny lives in Maui and made history with the biggest air drop ever seen at Jaws in 2018.

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