Chris Hemsworth’s Son Gets Barrelled Surfing… Major Yeeew

Shakas, brah.

Chris Hemsworth’s Son Gets Barrelled Surfing… Major Yeeew

Image Credit: @elke_mai

Chris Hemsworth’s 8 year old son just got pitted for the first time ever, at Surf Lakes’ wave pool in Yeppoon. In doing so he unlocked a feat that many surfers never achieve throughout their entire surfing lives – getting barrelled.

Chris Hemsworth’s son just got like, so shacked. That’s right, an eight year old just clocked up more barrel time than many self respecting surfers have had all year, all thanks to the magic of Surf Lakes, a wave pool way up north.

“My 8-year-olds first ever tube! Something he and I are gonna remember for ever! Amazing to see him attack it again and again and finally it all line up! 📷 massive thanks to @dingomorrison for pushing him in!

Chris Hemsworth

WATCH: Chris Hemsworth’s son gets barrelled for the first time ever (video credit: @juzmac)

The clip drew praise from the likes of Laura Enever, Owen Wright, Kai Lenny, Otis Carey, Conor O’Leary and Ryan Hipwood.

O’Leary even went so far as to say: “His setup to the tube looks like his done it a million times before.”

Chris looked to have got a few tubes of his own too, with images on photographer Elke Mai’s Instagram page showing both Hemsworth and Occy tearing it up.

Surf Lakes is located in Yeppoon, which is a coastal town in Livingston – a 7 hour drive north of Noosa. It calls itself the biggest break in surf park innovation, boasting more waves (“over 2,000 rides per hour”) less wait time (“up to 200 surfers at a time”), the highest waves (over 2.4 metre wave face height) and the fact that it’s always offshore (on one of its sides) over other wave park competitors.

Though getting barrelled on a man-made wave, for most of us, probably doesn’t compare to getting barrelled on a natural wave, the point remains: when did you last see the inside of a proper tube? If you’re finding it hard to remember, or have never actually come out of a proper barrel, you might be among the majority of people who have ever picked up a surfboard worldwide, who have never actually been barrelled and have now been pipped to the post by an 8-year-old boy.

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