Nick Kyrgios & Bernard Tomic Continue To Trade Barbs In Epic Internet Duel

"Stop living in the past and let's play each other on the main tour."

Nick Kyrgios & Bernard Tomic Continue To Trade Barbs In Epic Internet Duel

Bernard Tomic, who is currently ranked number 416 in the world, just called out Nick Kyrgios, UFC style, challenging him to a singles tennis match. Kyrgios, who is currently ranked number 76 in the world, hit back and told Tomic “I’m still on the tour” and “I’ve got bigger fish to fry.”

Nick Kyrgios, Australia’s most high profile tennis player (despite both Alex de Minaur and James Duckworth both currently ranking above him), woke up this morning to the news that he was under siege from Bernard Tomic. Tomic, who has fallen a long way down the rankings in recent years, and who has made headlines lately more for a spat with Lleyton Hewwit (and for an OnlyFans appearance) than he has for his tennis performances, challenged Kygrios to a singles tennis match. He also said he could take him in basketball and boxing.

“Let’s set the record straight here, our record is 1-0,” Tomic said. The 29-year-old continued: “I beat you once before, I’ll beat you again. Whenever you want. I dominate you every time we play, we train, and you know that. You say you’re good at basketball, I’ll beat you in that too. Tennis, I’ll dominate you one on one and to not make excuses I’ll even play you on grass, whenever you want. You know what, we’ll sort this out in the boxing ring. Put your gloves on, I’ll dominate you there also, let’s see who’s better once and for all.”

He also mocked Kyrgios’ recent claim that he was the number one player in the world on grass (“you’re dreaming”)

“Talk is cheap. I’m ready to make it 2-0 whenever you want. Put your money where your mouth is. Let the public decide who’s better. I’ll beat you anywhere, anyplace, if not; shut your mouth and go back to playing doubles.”

Bernard Tomic

Kyrgios, who is 27, responded with an Instagram Story of his own. Speaking from in his car, he said: “Hey guys I’m just going to make a quick video just to kill all this Bernard Tomic vs. Nick Kyrgios type of talk. I’m still playing on the tour my brother, I got bigger fish to fry. I’m in a… training block right now preparing for tournaments on the grass; Wimbledon, and the US Open.”

“I understand you’re at that Future and Challenger level right now, but if you want to play me just get back to the top of the sport.”

Nick Kyrgios

“I’m right here, I’m not going anywhere, I still feel that I’m elite. I’m still beating some of the best in the world quite easily, so I’ll be waiting for you and if you’re capable of getting and playing a decent level of tennis you’ll show that – there’s no need to go through the media; [or to] use my name to get relevant again… I hope everything’s well… As for now, I think you’ve got some bigger life challenges ahead brother, so best of luck.”

“Let’s just see your results, stop living in the past and let’s play each other on the main tour.”

Nick Kyrgios

As for the boxing match, Kyrgios didn’t rule it out, but also said it wouldn’t be happening any time soon: “maybe one day brother… maybe when my career winds down. But I’m too occupied at the moment bro.”

Fighting talk.

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