Nick Kyrgios Invites Novak Djokovic To Go Clubbing After Wimbledon Win

"It's officially a bromance."

Nick Kyrgios Invites Novak Djokovic To Go Clubbing After Wimbledon Win

Image: @wimbledon

Nick Kyrgios recently lost out to Novak Djokovic in the Gentlemen’s Singles at Wimbledon 2022. But, taking the loss in good spirits, the Australian tennis player asked the Wimbledon champion to go clubbing to celebrate.

Nick Kyrgios reached his first Grand Slam final at Wimbledon 2022 and, while his odds of winning were not in his favour, on the day he started incredibly well, winning the first set against six (now seven) time Wimbledon champion, Novak Djokovic. Ultimately, though, the more experienced Djokovic won, proving yet again why he is the best ‘returner’ of all time (or at least one of them).

During the customary speeches during the trophy-giving ceremony, Nick took the loss gracefully and said he’d now need a vacation to recover.

But, before he goes on that vacation, he reportedly (we presume at least half-jokingly) asked Novak to go clubbing to celebrate his win and the end of Wimbledon. That’s according to The Daily Mail at least, who report Djokovic “joked that he was hesitant about Kyrgios’ idea that the pair should go to a nightclub ‘and go nuts’.”

“Let’s start with dinner and drinks and then we will see,” he said.

Novak was complimentary of his Australian challenger, saying “Nick, you will be back.” Perhaps out of a tense start to their relationship (in previous matchups) a bromance could now blossom.

“I think you are a phenomenal tennis player and athlete. Amazing talent. You have been hearing all of that for many years. But now everything is starting to come together for you. So I’m sure we are going to see much of you in the later stages of a grand slam.”

“And I never thought I am going to say so many nice things about you considering, but it’s officially a bromance. Hopefully this is the start of a wonderful relationship between the two of us.”

Novak Djokovic

Of course, should the pair actually end up going clubbing together as newly formed ‘broboys’, we’re pretty sure the drinks would be flowing considering how much their Wimbledon prize money purses are. For Novak, as winner, he will receive £2 million (AU $3,515,368). Nick Kyrgios, meanwhile, as runner up still receive a huge payout to the sum of £1,050,000 (AU $1,845,532).

We’d imagine Nick would want to let his hair down regardless of whether Novak joins him or not, considering he’s had another tennis tournament filled with contentious moments (and a media environment constantly trying to make mountains out of molehills). He broke strict Wimbledon dress code rules on more than one occasion, choosing to wear a red hat and red sneakers on the court, and even when accepting his runners-up trophy from Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

As for Novak, we can’t see the health-conscious Serbian champ in a nightclub any time soon, but it’s entertaining to imagine. In a parallel universe, maybe…

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