Andy Murray Reveals His Woeful Uber Rating

"That's not great."

Andy Murray Reveals His Woeful Uber Rating

During a talk show game with Australian comedian Andy Lee, Scottish tennis star Andy Murray has revealed he has an Uber rating of 4.51.

Not content with beating  Italian 13th seed Matteo Berrettini in what was quite an upset (Murray is currently ranked 66th in the world), Andy Murray has gone on to shock Australia with his Uber rating as well.

Speaking to comedian Andy Lee, who asked him (as part of a talk show game) to guess: “How many Aussies have been banned from Uber?” Andy Murray said: “I don’t know anyone that’s been banned from Uber.”

Murray then asked: “What do you get banned for?”

Lee responded: “How often do you take Uber?”

Murray defended himself jokingly: “I take Ubers.”

Lee jumped back in: “Your personal driver wasn’t available?”

Murray said: “I’ve got the app on my phone.”

He was then asked by Mike Goldstein (another guest on the show): “What’s your rating? Have you got a high rating?”

Murray replied: “I actually don’t know… I could check it for you.”

He then revealed his rating to be 4.51, which Lee laughed at and then said: “That’s not great.”

Image Credit: Sporting News

Murray then asked: “What’s it out of? 5?”

“It’s out of 5 but if you drop a low 4 you’re out… So you’re halfway there” Lee warned Murray.

“What did you do? Did you not smile? Did you not converse with the guys? Can you remember was there an incident?”

Andy Lee

“Aw I was pretty happy with that,” Murray said.

“I don’t know. Can you see what the drivers have given you? I can’t believe that.”

The trio then went on to discuss such intriguing topics as what percentage of Australians have genital piercings, how many Aussies have been banned from Uber and what percentage of Australians have been stood up on a date.