‘Nasty’ Daniil Medvedev Back In Grand Slam Winning Form

"We can expect big things."

‘Nasty’ Daniil Medvedev Back In Grand Slam Winning Form

Russian tennis star Daniil Medvedev has continued his love-affair with the fans of the Australian Open, this time telling one heckler to “f**k off” and earning himself a code violation in the process. His outburst has some fans speculating he is back in Grand Slam winning form, saying he plays better when he’s nasty.

Daniil Medvedev has had another not-so-pleasant exchange with an Australian fan. After being heckled during his Australian Open match against Marcos Giron, he bit back at the crowd, telling one fan to “f**k off.”

WATCH: Medvedev tells fan to f**k off

The altercation happened despite Medvedev being 2 sets up in the match, fairly comfortably beating the American. The insult scored Medvedev a code violation, which he wasn’t too stoked on. Medvedev went on to win the match  6-0, 6-1, 6-2.

Medvedev has a reputation for being a bit surly and fiesty. He has previously had a go at umpires, ball kids and of course unruly Aussie crowds. Some social media users even reckon he plays better when he’s nasty, with one Twitter user writing: “I guess he’s back to grandslam winning form.”

“When he resolved to be a nice guy, his game declined. Now he’s back to being nasty. We can expect big things.”

Another said: “We need more of this.”

Medvedev will play Australian John Millman on Wednesday. Maybe consider wearing earplugs before you tune in, if obscenities aren’t your bag…

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