Roger Federer Accused Of Playing ‘Mind Games’ To Protect His Wimbledon Record

"Novak will have this in his mind."

Roger Federer

A deal is reportedly in the works to bring Roger Federer into the commentary booth for Wimbledon 2023. Some fans reckon it might be offputting for Djokovic.

Tennis fans were devastated when Roger Federer made the decision to hang up his racquet last year. But he may not be totally out of our lives. According to reports, the Swiss superstar, who made hearts flutter for 24 years on tour, could join the BBC’s commentary team for Wimbledon in July.

This would be quite the coup, with a tennis correspondent for The Telegraph, Simon Briggs, claiming: “talks are at an advanced stage” to get Federer’s chin wagging at Wimbledon.

Briggs said Federer could split his time between BBC and ESPN, acting as both a commentator and a pundit.

“Two different employers would help to cover Federer’s costs, which – for a man who used to command at least $1m per day for an exhibition event – are likely to be substantial.”

Simon Briggs

The idea of Federer commentating has had some fans excited about the prospect of Federer commentating on Nadal or Djokovic for some time, with one writing: “Imagine Federer commentating on the Wimbledon 2023 Final when Djokovic wins his 8th title to equal Roger’s.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “I think Federer commentating at Wimbledon would be a great addition. A legend who knows the modern game and can give insight that’s not dated/stale Hopefully bbc has the coins Get rid of McEnroe/henman/castle/etc.”

Another said: “What an asset that would be, especially if another member of the Big 3 was playing.” Then there were a few fans who said they thought Federer might be playing mind games with Djokovic to protect his GOAT status at Wimbledon. One comment along these lines read: “Novak will have this in his mind considering he has the possibility to equal Federer at Wimbledon, these are mind games from Federer.”

Not everyone agreed, with one saying: “I know fed doesn’t like novak and vice versa but they aren’t that obsessed with each other to go that far lmao.” Federer has won 8 trophies at Wimbledon, while Djokovic has won 7.

Others said they simply were not ready to hear Federer commentate.

As for what Federer himself has said about commentating, Federer last year said: “I never thought I would say this… but six months ago, I suddenly thought commentating on tennis someday. Who knows.”

“Commentating the odd match or giving back in this way, I guess I could imagine it. Sometimes you watch matches because of the commentary and less about the match itself.”

Let’s hope the deal gets done.