Nick Kyrgios Told “Don’t Come Back” Following Late Wimbledon Tennis Withdrawal

Even when Nick Kyrgios is doing the right thing, he seems to cop flak...

Nick Kyrgios Told “Don’t Come Back” Following Late Wimbledon Tennis Withdrawal

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Even before the Wimbledon Championships had even begun this week, Nick Kyrgios was making headlines when he withdrew from this year’s prestigious tennis tournament mere hours before it was due to start, drawing criticisms from commentators for a lack of integrity – but it doesn’t feel in any way justified.

Throughout his career, Nick Kyrgios has never been far from controversy. From refusing to adhere to strict clothing regulations, riling up critics with Instragam posts and even vocally praising an imminent Saudi Arabian takeover of the ATP schedule, the 2022 Wimbledon finalist consistently opens himself up to criticism, but this week Kyrgios was seemingly copping it, even when he’s seemingly done nothing wrong…

Current world No. 33, Kyrgios was fighting to recover from a wrist injury after he suffered torn ligaments during the Mallorca Open earlier this year. In a post written to his 4.1 million Instagram followers, Kyrgios revealed he would be unable to compete in this year’s Wimbledon Championships:

“I tried my hardest to be ready after my surgery and to be able to step on the Wimbledon courts again… I am disappointed to say that I just didn’t have enough time to manage it before Wimbledon. I’ll be back.”

Nick Kyrgios

WATCH Kyrgios talk about his mixed relationship with his fans below.

Unsurprisingly, commentators in the UK have taken issue with the timing of Kyrgios’ announcement, saying that by withdrawing from Wimbledon so late, the Australian star has taken the place of someone else vying for a Wimbledon dream.

“No integrity whatsoever… Don’t come back to SW19,” lambasted one commentator on Twitter. But what else was Kyrgios supposed to do?

This was undoubtedly the big tournament for Kyrgios to make his return. A finalist at last year’s tournament – a singles career-high for the Australian star – Kyrgios will have had Wimbledon in his sights for his comeback, and, no doubt, pushed his announcement to the last minute hoping to compete in the biggest Grand Slam on the ATP circuit, or as Kyrgios calls it: “home.”

The timing, whilst not ideal for other competitors, is irrelevant. The criticisms are unfounded. Nick Kyrgios’ recovery, making sure he was included in this year’s tournament, would’ve absolutely taken precedence over gifting his spot to someone else… Elite athletes shouldn’t be thinking about the perceived ‘nice’ thing to do.

Controversy always follows Kyrgios

Kyrgios has always struck a controversial figure on the court. When he’s not shouting at celebrities in the crowd, he’s yelling expletives to himself, reminiscent of the great Wimbledon champion, now commentator, John McEnroe with his antics on the court.

His behaviour has been questionable at times throughout his career, and he’s been appropriately disciplined by organisers, but his global appeal is undeniable. The Australian star brings interest to tennis in a way that no other current player does; he’s talented and unpredictable on the court which makes him exciting for the spectator.

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John McEnroe, who worked with Kyrgios for a number of years in the Laver Cup, said: “I would say tennis-wise, he is the most talented player I’ve seen in the last 10 years. Between his ears — that’s what’s missing.”

Rightly or wrongly, Kyrgios announced his withdrawal when it suited him – when he was certain he was unable to compete. Whatever your stance on Kyrgios, calling for a player to not come back because his timing was off is bizarre, and only serves to vilify a player that’s desperate to play.