Novak Djokovic’s Viral Fitness Challenge Is Harder Than It Looks

Tennis' GOAT Novak Djokovic has a knack of finding every inch of grass on the baseline, but a recent flexibility challenge has people amazed.

Novak Djokovic’s Viral Fitness Challenge Is Harder Than It Looks

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In the world of tennis, one man stands as the most decorated player of all time, boasting a record number of 24 Grand Slam titles across a legendary career. But this week Novak Djokovic has been trending across socials for another reason, showing off his unparalleled flexibility before the Australian Open starts next month and setting a challenge to his millions of followers in the process.

In just three short weeks, Melbourne Park will be full of thousands of avid tennis fans cheering and celebrating as one of the world’s biggest tennis competitions returns to Australia.

The Australian Open is a sporting marvel enjoyed the world over, famed for its signature hard blue courts and explosive tennis action, and next month the world’s biggest stars will grace the fabled courts to once again compete for the most sought-after title in the Southern Hemisphere.

That’s no truer than for tennis’ undisputed GOAT, Novak Djokovic. With 10 Australian Open titles, the Serbian ace has a habit of performing some of his best tennis every time he returns to Australia – when he can get into the country that is. This year presents another opportunity for the current champion to further cement his storied legacy in the history of this celebrated competition.

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Djokovic’s training and preparation for the tournament will be entering the final stages before he looks to travel to Melbourne. But the tennis star has still been keeping his fans entertained with a viral flexibility challenge that has been keeping many of us on our toes.

Seen in a video posted to his social media, Djokovic’s talents clearly extend beyond the baseline of the tennis court as he exhibits a rare display of flexibility… not bad for a 36-year-old.

The 112th edition of the Australian Open starts in Melbourne on Sunday 14 Jan 2024 with the final played on Sunday 28 Jan 2024.