Nick Kyrgios Admits His Tennis Career ‘May Be Over’ After Discovering New Passion

Australian tennis superstar Nick Kyrgios has been considering retirement after injuries have forced him out of the game for almost a year.

Nick Kyrgios Admits His Tennis Career ‘May Be Over’ After Discovering New Passion

Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios penned an emotional letter this morning, suggesting that amid all the ongoing injury setbacks and high-profile withdrawals from the world’s biggest tennis Grand Slams, his professional career playing tennis at the highest level “may be over.”

If you’ve been following Eurosport’s coverage of this year’s incredible Australian Open, you would have been treated to a familiar voice in the commentary box. Offering a fresh and unrivalled perspective on the on-court action, Nick Kyrgios, Australia’s former No. 1 player, has been making himself at home in a new role after being forced to withdraw from this year’s Grand Slam.

Arguably Australian tennis’ biggest star, Nick Kyrgios decided to withdraw from this year’s Australian Open after failing to recover from multiple wrist and knee injuries that have kept the 28-year-old out of the game for the better part of a year.

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Whilst the former World No. 13 has been freefalling down the ATP Rankings, his unabated star power certainly hasn’t diminished, transitioning in recent months into more media-based roles covering the biggest tournaments in the sport.

But as Kyrgios stares at an even lengthier spell off the court, the Australian pro has suggested that his time in the sport may be coming to a reluctant end.

“I sat down with my agent, Stuart Duguid, a couple of days ago to talk about my future,” Kyrgios wrote in the Sydney Morning Herald. “The reality is, there is a part of me that knows my time in the sport may be over. And I’m OK with that… I’m at a crossroads in my career and have reached a point where life after tennis is a prospect that excites me.”

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Watch Nick Kyrgios interview Novak Djokovic at the Australian Open below.

For many tennis players, the stress on the body begins to take its toll in the latter stages of the career; Andy Murray’s knees can no longer carry him across the court; Rafael Nadal suffered a muscular tear in his hip that forced him to withdraw from the AO.

Players such as Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic are perhaps the exception that proves the rule, but ultimately there comes a point in every player’s career where they need to make a call… unfortunately for Nick Kyrgios, it’s come sooner than he had anticipated.

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It’s allowed Kyrgios to transition into a new role, however. During the Australian Open, Nick Kyrgios has added a unique flair to the traditional sports coverage, speaking on issues as an active professional and offering fresh insight that would’ve otherwise been missed.

“I could travel the world making really good money commentating on the sport, doing things like I am now with my talk show interviewing guys like Gordon Ramsay and Mike Tyson,” Kyrgios continued. “That’s a life people wish they had. Even the players on the circuit would love to be doing what I am doing now, but they have a different way of thinking.”