Why Australian Open Champion Refuses To Spend A Cent Of $3 Million Jackpot

"Not because I'm stingy, but because I respect money."

Why Australian Open Champion Refuses To Spend A Cent Of $3 Million Jackpot

Italian tennis ace Jannik Sinner has stressed that, even after winning his maiden Grand Slam title in Melbourne last month and walking away with a multi-million dollar prize, he still won’t splurge on frivolous things.

Jannik Sinner burst onto the international stage after securing a sensational comeback victory over Daniil Medvedev at the Australian Open in Melbourne. The Italian star found himself two sets down in the Final inside the Rod Laver Arena, staring at an early defeat on the biggest stage, but Sinner dug deep to claim a famous victory.

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Sinner received a hero’s welcome upon his return to his native Italy, parading the Norman Brookes Challenge Cup as the first Italian in history to win the coveted trophy. Sinner was of course, already a household name in Italy, ranking as the number one player in the country and the highest-ranked Italian player in history.

While the influx of cash and heightened celebrity status undoubtedly brought about profound changes in his daily life, Sinner has remained true to himself, resolute in his commitment to the guiding principles that have taken him on his remarkable journey.

“Before buying something I always look at the price, always,” Sinner revealed to Vanity Fair Italia, translated from Italian. “If I go to a restaurant and the pasta with meat sauce costs much more than the one with tomato sauce, I take the one with tomato sauce. Not because I’m stingy, but because I respect money.”

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Image: Alfa Romeo

It certainly doesn’t speak to a tennis champion celebrating his maiden Grand Slam title, who left Australia with a reported $3.15 million AUD. Sinner confesses to VF, in Italian, that yes, he’s very rich, but hasn’t found that his increased fame and position have ultimately changed his perspectives.

“The only gift I gave myself is the car,” Sinner continued. “It’s a nice car, but you don’t think of a Ferrari, a Lamborghini or a Maserati.”

Italian luxury car manufacturer Alfa Romeo snapped up Sinner as a teenage sensation, back in 2020. As an Alfa Romeo ambassador, Sinner has had his pick of the cars in the Italian brand’s celebrated collection but opted for the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Q4 Veloce with an array of particular finishes. Sinner’s Alfa Romeo retails at around €68,950 (~$113,740 AUD).

In a world where excess often reigns supreme, Sinner’s modest approach is almost refreshing… but the way the Italian ace is playing, there will undoubtedly be plenty of opportunity to splash the cash in the near future.