Nick Kyrgios Net Worth, Girlfriend, Parents, Tattoos, Ranking & Fast Facts

Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios may often be controversial, but he sure is talented.

Nick Kyrgios Net Worth, Girlfriend, Parents, Tattoos, Ranking & Fast Facts

Nick Kyrgios might be one of the most controversial figures the tennis world has ever seen. From his style to his attitude, you’d be hard to find another player who fits the ‘tennis-mould’ less. But what else is there to Kyrigos than his outfits and outrages? Read on to learn more about the Aussie prodigy.

Nick Kyrgios Quick Facts

Name:Nicholas Hilmy Kyrgios
Date of Birth:27th April 1995
Height:6ft 4in / 1.93m
Weight:187lbs / 85kg
Net Worth:$15m (estimated)
Instagram:@k1ngkyrg1os 2.5m followers
Twitter:@NickKyrgios 521k followers
Ranking:25th (singles), 18th (doubles)

Who is Nick Kyrgios?

Nick Kyrgios is an Australian tennis player whose raw personality and behaviour on and off the court have made him one of the most widely talked about tennis players at the moment. Though he hasn’t won any grand slam titles (yet), he’s still one of the most talented tennis players on the circuit.

Nick Kyrgios Career

Nick Kyrgios started playing tennis at six years old. He also played basketball when he was younger but decided to focus solely on tennis when he was 14.

He was a junior world number 1 and the junior Australian Open winner in 2013, beating his doubles partner Thanasi Kokkinakis in the final.

Nick Kyrgios stepping out onto the court at Wimbledon. Image: @k1ngkyrg1os

Nick Kyrgios started to gain traction after beating Rafael Nadal during Wimbledon in 2014. Nadal was ranked number 1 at the time, and Kyrgios was ranked 144th, aged just 19. Kyrgios’ win marked the first time a male player ranked outside the top 100 had beaten a no. 1 seed in a Grand Slam event since 1992. It was also the first time a teenager defeated a no. 1 at a Grand Slam since Nadal himself did it to Roger Federer in 2005.

Kyrgios is only the third player to have beaten all of the Big Three (Novak Djokovic, Federer, and Nadal) the first time he played each of them.

Despite his talent, Kygrios has stated that he “does not love tennis”. After exiting the 2017 US Open, he openly said he was “not dedicated to the game at all” and that “There are players out there that are more dedicated, that want to get better, that strive to get better every day, the one-percenters. I’m not that guy.”

Surprisingly, Nick Kyrgios has trained without a full-time coach throughout his professional career; however, he has previously worked with former tennis player Sébastien Grosjean.

Kyrios has currently won six ATP titles and has reached eight ATP finals, including the 2017 Cincinnati Masters.

Wimbledon 2022

Nick Kyrgios produced a sublime display of tennis talent during Wimbledon 2022, as he made his way all the way through to the final where he was drawn against Novak Djokovic. Some may say he had an easy route, since semi-final opponent Rafael Nadal withdrew from the competition.

Kyrgios lost out to his opponent 4-6, 6-3, 6-4, 7 (7) – 6 (3). Nick still took home £1,050,000/AU $1,848,443.51 in prize money, for finishing as runner-up.

US Open 2022

Nick Kyrgios is currently competing in the 2022 US Open and is already through to the third round. He beat fellow Australian (and doubles partner) Thanasi Kokkinakis in the first round 6-3, 6-4, 7 (7) – 6 (4), and brushed off French tennis player Benjamin Bonzi in the second round 7 (7) – 6 (3), 6-4, 4-6, 6-4.

Nick Kyrgios Girlfriend & Family

Nick Kyrgios with his girlfriend, Costeen Hates. Image: k1ngkyrg1os

Nick Kyrgios’ father, Giorgos, is a painter originally from Greece, while his mother, Norlaila, is a retired computer engineer who belongs to the Selangor royal family of Malaysia.

His brother Christos is a lawyer, and his sister, Halimah, is an actress/voice and performance coach and appeared on The Voice Australia in 2021.

Kyrgios is currently dating home décor blogger Costeen Hatzi, whom he met on Instagram after buying a mirror from her business Casa Amor Interiors.

Nick Kyrgios Controversies

The story broke in early 2022 during Kyrgios’ incredible Doubles run and victory at the 2022 Australian Open, sparking a media frenzy and a storm of public scrutiny. Kyrgios was in a relationship with Passari, a social-media influencer and interior designer, until late 2021.

Nick Kyrgios Controversies Source

The court case would carry on in the background throughout 2022 before coming to a close when Kyrgios pled guilty to the assault charge and was spared a criminal conviction in February 2023. His actions were deemed by Magistrate Beth Campbell as being “at the lower end of the scale of common assault” and a result of Kyrgios “act[ing] poorly in the heat of the moment”.

Kyrgios, who admitted to pushing Passari to the ground during a row in late 2021, would front the media to apologise for the hurt the incident caused. 

“I was not in a good place when this happened and I reacted to a difficult situation in a way I deeply regret,” Kyrgios said.

“I know it wasn’t OK and I’m sincerely sorry for the hurt I caused.”

Nick Kyrgios’ Struggles With Mental Health

Since beating Rafael Nadal as a 19-year-old ranked 144th in the world, Kyrgios has endured a rollercoaster tennis career. But the pressure from Australian and international pundits and fans for Kyrgios to be the ‘next big thing’ in the sport has made it a more challenging road than even he would have expected. Speaking on the Turn Up the Talk podcast, Kyrgios attempted to explain his difficulties facing the expectations of the tennis world, saying, “I kept trying, trying and trying, just ended up snowballing into this dark cloud.”

Nick Kyrgios’ Struggles With Mental Health
Source: @k1ngkyrg1os via Instagram

Kyrgios would address suffering from depression and suicidal ideation, as well as engaging in self-harm in a 2018 Instagram post. The challenges prompted him to see a psychologist that year, with Kyrgios explaining his dependency on vices to self-medicate, even during the highs of winning tournaments. 

“[I was] probably drinking 20 to 30 drinks every night – you know, just in my room on my own – waking up [and] playing,” Kyrgios said on Turn Up the Talk. 

“Winning tournaments seemed to ‘just mask all of it’, which was the ‘darkest thing ever’.”

However, Kyrgios has come through stronger each time he’s battled with bouts of depression, and has looked to inspire others to speak up about their own struggles.

“I understand that you feel if you open up it may make you feel weak, or scared. I’m telling you right now, it’s OK, you are not alone,” he said.

“I’ve been through those times when it seemed as if those positive energetic vibes were never ever going to be reality.

“Please, don’t feel as if you are alone, if you feel as if you can’t talk to anyone, I’m here, reach out.”

Nick Kyrgios’ Feuds With His Competitors

Name a more iconic combination than Nick Kyrgios and feuding with his competitors? Kyrgios’ career has been filled with plenty of back-and-forth between him and some of his opponents both on and off the court, with none more eye-catching than he and world-ranked No. 1 Novak Djokovic’s transition from pure disdain to bromance. 

The war of words between Kygios and the Serb began in June 2020 when Kyrgios publicly spouted off against Djokovic for organising a controversial charity tennis tournament at which he and numerous other tennis players tested positive for Covid-19, labelling it a “boneheaded decision” at the time. 

Kyrgios reaffirmed his feelings for Djokovic in January 2021 after the tennis No. 1 issued a wish-list of requirements for players forced to quarantine when they arrive in the country to play in the Australian Open, provoking the Greek-Aussie to call him a “tool”. But, for the 2022 Australian Open it appeared Kyrgios had changed his tune, speaking up for Djokovic after his detainment by Australian government for entering the country unvaccinated, expressing: “He’s a human, I just don’t think how we’re going about it is the right way and that’s coming from someone who we’ve had run in and comments about each other, but it’s not right.” 

The blossoming friendship was showcased to the world following Djokovic’s defeat of Kyrgios in the 2022 Wimbledon final, when Kyrgios referred to Djokovic as “a bit of a god”. Djokovic then jokingly declared that their previously tumultuous relationship had “officially [become] a bromance”.

But whilst the Canberra local has made up with Djokovic, Kyrgios’ long-running feud with Greek tennis star Stefanos Tsitsipas seems to get wilder every year, and is made all the more strange by the fact the two have competed in Doubles tennis together. 

It all started way back in 2018 when, ahead of the US Open, Kyrgios (ever the pisstaker) retweeted Tsitsipas’ post taking in the surroundings of New York City alongside a caption reading “Da fuq”. Tsitsipas was not a fan of the comment, and immediately took to criticising Kyrgios’ well-publicised love of video games:

“It’s not sitting in my room playing video games, Fortnite like someone does,” he said. “It’s better going outside and creating something rather than just sitting inside playing video games for the whole day, which I did before and now see no point in doing.”

The pair seemed to make up at the 2019 Citi Open when they paired up to partake in the men’s doubles, where they were knocked out at the first round. Despite some trash-talking in 2021, Kyrgios and Tsitsipas appeared amicable ahead of their bout at Wimbledon 2022, though that would very quickly change on the court. 

Triggered by Tsitsipas getting away with a warning for smashing a ball into the crowd, Kyrgios began to berate the chair umpire, leading the Greek to fire words back. Post-match, Tsitsipas made his feelings very clear, saying, “He has a very evil side to him. It’s constant bullying, that’s what he does. He bullies the opponents. He was probably a bully at school himself.” Both were fined for their behaviour during the match.

Nick Kyrgios’ Feuds With His Competitors Source

The release of a Netflix documentary entitled ‘Break Point’ has reignited the tiff between the pair, with Tsitsipas caught on camera describing the Australian’s approach to tennis as “uneducated”, believing that Kyrgios brings “that NBA basketball attitude” to the sport. Tsitsipas faced scrutiny for the racial undertones of his words, prompting him to release a statement clearing the air, with Kyrgios acknowledging it by saying “we are all good”.

Nick Kyrgios Net Worth

Nick Kyrgios’s current net worth is estimated at around $15m, according to The Tennis Time.

Throughout his career, he has earned approximate US $11,823,860 in prize money, $2,417,829 of which has come in 2022 alone. His winnings from Wimbledon have certainly helped his bank account.

He also has a number of sponsorship deals that boost his net worth. These deals include agreements with companies like Nike, Beats, Bonds (though they distanced themselves after some controversies) and Yonex.

Nick Kyrgios Tattoos

Nick Kyrgios getting his basketball tribute tattoo. Image: @k1ngkyrg1os

Nick Kyrgios has a number of tattoos on his body. One of Nick’s most prominent tattoos is a sleeve on his right arm that expresses his love for basketball and features portraits of LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, which also has text that reads “Kobe and the King with me forever & some Jordan 1s,” along with “GOAT” under the image of Bryant.

Nick also has some text on his left leg that reads “give a man a mask and he will become his true self,” a quote that is said by Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight.

Another tattoo dedicated to his fianceé Costeen can be found on his leg, which simply shows her name.

Image: @k1ngkyrg1os

Nick recently tattooed his entire back with a Pokemon-themed piece of art.

Hope in the Dark

Nick, after a whirlwind of relationship problems with his then-girlfriend, gives love a second chance. He calls himself blessed because of his girl, Coleen. He takes her with him to almost every tennis game. They have been to beautiful places such as Mallorca, Tokyo, and Exuma in the Bahamas, where they fished for dolphins. They also visited Montreal and other tourist attractions like Mykonos. He seems pretty attached to this one, and we hope it ends in forever.

A Little Advice

Nick states that for you to last longer in the game, you must have fun with the game. He has unique serves which involve mini twists of the racket while keeping the ball in play. He plays like it’s for leisure; cool, calm, and collected. One may think he has no worries, which is of course false.


He gets racist and hate comments on at least 40% of his posts, which he has taken to be part of life. He encourages other players with the same issue to not feel burdened by the comments as they are criticisms, which, if construed well, would not hurt. In the last quarter of 2023, Nick had a showdown with Roger Federer. He stated that he was honored to share the same court with the veteran tennis player. He crowned his year successful by finishing first in an event comprising 13 matches of singles and doubles. The fast-rising star enjoys staying around children a lot; he sees them as the future.

A Little Delay

This year 2024, he kicked off with a sprint by participating in the Australian Open. However, he didn’t continue this “sprint.” He has been injured since then and underwent knee surgery in January. He is currently on the healing process as of March 2024. He promises to come back with the biggest bang ever seen!

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