Daniel Ricciardo Builds His Ultimate Formula 1 Driver… With Some Shocking Omissions

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Daniel Ricciardo Builds His Ultimate Formula 1 Driver… With Some Shocking Omissions

Image: Getty / Red Bull Content Pool

Visa Cash App RB driver Daniel Ricciardo has built his ultimate Formula 1 driver from the current crop of drivers on the grid. Whilst there are some obvious picks for the following categories, Ricciardo’s left some fans shocked with some high-profile omissions.

Australia’s favourite son Daniel Ricciardo is starting to show glimpses of his enduring quality during this Formula 1 season. The Visa Cash App Red Bull driver – who spent the majority of last season operating in a commercial capacity for VCARB’s sister team – has had a stop-start return to the racing team where he made his name all those years ago.

If it weren’t for an unfortunately timed rear-ending by Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll, we could be talking about a Ricciardo reborn behind the wheel, surging into the top half of the Drivers’ after seven Grands Prix. But despite his stuttering performances on the track, the Australian star clearly hasn’t lost any of that signature confidence.

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A recent video published by VCARB this week tasked Daniel Ricciardo with building his ultimate Formula 1 driver from the current crop of drivers that make up the grid.

The eight-time Grand Prix winner had to select drivers for six categories – Reactions, Mentality, Overtaking, Defending, Style and Banter. Unsurprisingly, Ricciardo had initially chosen himself for every category, before having another go.

WATCH Daniel Ricciardo picks his ultimate Formula 1 driver below.

Best Reactions? Fernando Alonso

To kick things off, Ricciardo opted for the enviable experience of Aston Martin driver Fernando Alonso for the first category: Reactions. Throughout his career, the Spanish star has demonstrated impeccable consistency and technical ability, adding his first WDC title in 2005, driving for the French outfit Renault and cementing himself as one of the greatest F1 drivers of all time.

Max Verstappen the Mentality Monster

Then, Ricciardo’s choice of the three-time defending world champion Max Verstappen for Mentality is hardly surprising. The pair share a unique bond, having spent three seasons at Red Bull together between 2016 to 2018. Verstappen’s mentality is widely considered to be the best on the grid, maintaining laser focus as he cruises to victory ahead of the chasing pack.

Ricciardo still backs himself in Overtaking

Ricciardo then chose himself for the next category: Overtaking. The Australian driver built a reputation around his insanely late braking, confidently overtaking his rivals at will throughout the early years of his Formula 1 career… it’s safe to say, he’s still got it.

Kevin Magnussen gets the defensive pick

An eyebrow raiser for some, but clearly Daniel Ricciardo’s got a keen eye for talent around the paddock, selecting Kevin Magnussen for his superior defending skills in Formula 1. The Haas driver is known for his aggressive driving style and a nightmare to overtake, often finding himself in difficult positions throughout the track to fend off the pursuing midfield.

Valtteri Bottas is a stylish man with no equal

Honourary Australian Valtteri Bottas took the most stylish driver on the grid, and who can blame him? The Alfa Romeo driver has lit up this season with his signature bleached blonde mullet and classic Aussie budgies (although, he’s not rocking the budgies behind the wheel) and is the rightful recipient of Ricciardo’s pick for Style.

Lando Norris brings the Banter

Finally, Ricciardo has not forgotten about old friends with his last pick, choosing the grid’s most recent Grand Prix winner – and Ricciardo’s former McLaren teammate – Lando Norris, as the one with the most banter. The young British driver shook an unwanted record for most podium finishes without a race win last week, taking a well-deserved victory in Miami. This achievement will no doubt come second to Ricciardo’s latest honour bestowed upon him.