Former U.S. President Donald Trump Thinks He Could Take Colby Covington In A Bar Fight

"If I saw him in a bar, and let's say he was - I'm not a big a bar guy but that's okay, let's say he was in my way, I can see myself saying 'move over..."

Former U.S. President Donald Trump Thinks He Could Take Colby Covington In A Bar Fight


Former U.S. president Donald Trump and Colby Covington are good buddies but the ex-POTUS went viral for comments made about the former interim UFC welterweight champion...

Colby Covington and Donald Trump have an unlikely friendship. Because they share a common political ideology, they have showered each other with compliments over the years. 

Covington is Trump’s biggest supporter in the UFC and has pledged his allegiance to The Donald’s MAGA movement. Meanwhile, Trump has supported Covington by watching his fights. But during one of Colby’s visits to Trump, the former president gave him a classic Trumpisms, a pretty loaded backhanded compliment.

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“But who would think, you know I say I look at him, he looks like a regular normal human being until the clothing comes off then he looks like Superman. But if I saw him in a bar, and let’s say he was – I’m not a big a bar guy but that’s okay, let’s say he was in my way, I can see myself saying ‘move over’ but I’d be in big trouble.”

Colby first visited Trump when the latter was still in the Oval Office. At that time, Covington had just won the interim UFC welterweight title by defeating Rafael Dos Anjos at UFC 225. According to reports, Covington presented Trump with the UFC belt and the two chatted for some 30 minutes.

Ever since that meeting, Trump has thrown his support for Covington by watching his fights at the venue. But if you think that The Donald is just a fan when it comes to MMA, think again. During one of his interviews before his UFC 296 bout against Leon Edwards, Covington revealed that Trump even calls him before fights and gives him pointers.

“To be at this point in my career where I have the most famous person in the world coming out to support me is amazing. I know he doesn’t have a lot of time but he makes time for me, calls me, he gives me a gameplan, he’s like, ‘Colby, this is what you need to do in the fight’, I don’t wanna reveal what he said.”

Image: @colbycovington

Trump was on hand again when Covington fought Edwards for the UFC title and was there when Rocky handily defeated Chaos via unanimous decision. After the fight, Covington reciprocated Trump’s backhanded compliment with his own, blaming the loss on his idol.

“I thought I had the win, I thought I did enough, but the judges never favor me, they hate me because I support Trump, and everybody hates Trump in this building, so it is what it is. Life goes on.”

Covington is currently linked to a fight with the rising Ian Garry although nothing is definite. But regardless of who’s next for Chaos, expect his back-handed buddy to be there again to support him.