UFC Boss Dana White Claims Power Slap Has The Most Followers In The World

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UFC Boss Dana White Claims Power Slap Has The Most Followers In The World

Image: Power Slap

UFC President Dana White has revealed that his latest fighting promotion has more followers than any other sports franchise in the world… so why have we never heard of it?

There’s an innate appeal with combat sports that’s hard to explain. Whether it’s boxing or the UFC, combat sports have resonated with millions of fans across the globe, thanks to a roster of some of the biggest and fiercest fighters in their respective weight class.

Someone who knows this all too well is UFC boss Dana White who has held the role of president since 2001 and has been a catalytic driver in the global success of the fighting promotion, bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars for not only himself but also his catalogue of fighters… and his latest venture could become one of his biggest yet.

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Dana White says this fight promotion is the most popular in the world. Image: Power Slap

What is Power Slap?

Power Slap is a name you may not be as familiar with as boxing, MMA or football, for example. But since 2022, the American fighting promotion owned and run by UFC boss Dana White has been one of the most watched sports online in recent years.

If you know nothing about the sport, Power Slap is the world’s premier slapping competition. It features “strikers” from around the world who square off against each other in a 1 v 1 ring-style format, trading slaps for the highest scores. Slaps are recorded for damage inflicted and effectiveness, in addition to defender reaction and recovery.

The promotion consists of either 3 to 5 rounds and features the same weight classes as MMA: Super Heavyweight, Heavyweight, Light Heavyweight, Middleweight and Welterweight. Competitors have 60 seconds to recover from a strike and return a slap, winning the bout through a higher points tally, KO, TKO and DQ.

WATCH Dana White believes that Power Slap has more followers than any other sport below.

Dana White says Power Slap is the most popular sport in the world

Since its launch, videos of insane strikes have gone viral across social media, creating a serious buzz about this emerging sport.

Linking up with comedian Andrew Schulz on his YouTube channel FLAGRANT, the Power Slap kingpin has made the bold claim that in just 15 months, Power Slap has outperformed every other sport and boasts more followers than even Real Madrid and the biggest football teams in the world.

“We started this thing 15 months ago, right? Right now, on YouTube, we got more subscribers than NHL, MLS, NASCAR, PGA, Barstool Sports,” White said.

“We have over a billion YouTube views. Eight of the top 12 largest YouTube shorts against other major sports are Power Slap. Four of the top five largest YouTube shorts on UFC’s channel.

“We’re No. 1, 2, 3, and 4 on UFC. When you think about Conor McGregor, Ronda Rousey, Brock Lesnar all the big stars – this thing absolutely dominates. We have more followers than every single professional sport – every professional sports team, we have more followers than them in 15 months.”